0 to Marathon in 25 Weeks!! :-)



  • Thought I'd say hi on this thread too, I've enjoyed reading it and am training for a marathon too. Went out in the snow today and it was hard on my calves and ankles image

    Good luck for sundays run image
  • I'm dyingggggggg!!!!! image Well okay not really but I feel shocking! Lol Ive come down with a full blown head cold - I feel like I've been repeatedly punched in the face! Needless to say I didn't make it out for a run image I really hope I'm feeling better tomorrow - it been 4 days since I've run and I've got itchy feetimage I'm not gonna do anything stupid, but to take it slowly rather than make myself seriously ill, but its sooooooo frustrating!

    Hi Martha, great to hear from you! image Have you picked your marathon? And if so when and where? image Well done for braving the snow - that shows real commitment, and if you can cope with this I think you'll cope with anything! image
  • Good luck with your cold!!

    I managed to do 7k in 44m before it got to slippery with new snow today.
  • Finally!! After 5 days I managed to get back out and do some running! image I've started day 15 again, so 4/1 run/walk x 4 reps.

    The snow has been pretty slow to clear from the paths so I was nervous about running on the streets. I decided my best bet was to do laps of a bit of park/field at the end of our road - it's got scraggly grass and is normally very wet/muddy from all the kids cutting across it on their way to school. The snow had settled to a good couple of inches - so soft snow over squishing mud was a different surface to run on! But at least I wouldn't be sliding about, and if I fell it would be a pretty soft landing! Lol

    It went really well considering; first run since horrible cold (only started to get any energy back yesterday), and 5 days with no exercise of any sort. Like last time the first two sets were the hardest, by three and four I was feeling good image I really noticed how much I had to pick my knees up running in snow, but not felt any extra aches. As I was running laps I could see my previous foot prints which was really satisfying by the end! Lol

    Back out tomorrow, might risk the pavements image
  • Awwwww thanks booktrunk, I'm feeling much better now! image I know running wisdom says that if the cold is from the neck up then you can still run - but I didn't have the energy to stand and do the washing up!! I think I did the best thing by taking it easy, and I missed the worst of the weather!

    I can't wait to start running by distance rather than time, it's some how more of an achievement in my mind - but I'm gonna be awhile before I'm near your times! That's really impressive! image How long did you find it took before you could work on times rather than just staying the distance?
  • hehe a while.  My marathon that I completed I say i've done a marathon... I don't mention that it took me like forever (ok 5.5 hours) but, they I got there image

    I was looking at my.asics.co.uk where i've logged every run that i've done, and apparently i've done 744.5km so 465 miles since i started last May.

    I admire you following your program I did my own version, there is a dirt track near me that's about 700-800m long and basically i started running up there and back, and it was embarassing how much I walked the first few times and how much I could jog.  But I just forced myself with my tight time frame I had no choice. 

    I did 41km in May at an average of 8.44 per km i'm a slow walker my walking pace per km is about 12m per km. whereas my OH's average pace walking in 10m per km, so I was hardly going faster then he could walk.

    This month i've been lazy with the snow and being cautious n recovering from my little op at the end of November, but i've so far done 60km at 6:50 per km so getting a bit quicker it just happens with practise.

    EDIT: I have to say running is awesome for the figure, along with my diet.  Now 78 lbs lighter then when I started dieting last March and my waistline is over 33cm less hehe image 


  • Okay for sme reason my post from yesterday didn't show u so here it is now.

    Yesterdays run was 2/1 run/walk x 8 reps. I have to say I didn't cover myself in glory image thought I'd rn on the pavements which was a big mistake cus they were covered in ice, I took the dog with me and after to reps he refused to move, and then my sister drove past me on the way to my house to visit!! I did about 4 of the reps and called it quits image I always think the hardest part is getting out there, so cutting it short feels really! frustrating. I chalked it down to experience and looked forward to the next run - 5 minutes running!
  • Today's run was 5/1 run/walk x 4 reps.

    I was a little bit nervous about running 5 minutes continuously - I've a some time off so not sure if I was as fit as I should be.

    I ran on the paths as they've cleared up a bit, and the first rep felt really good, the second was fine, and the third and fourth felt really comfortable - I wasn't out of breath or praying for the walking section which is nice! Lol

    By the end of the fourth rep my shoulders felt a bit stiff and my legs a bit achey but overall I'm really pleased image lots of stretching when I got in but no cold shower which might be a mistake :-/

    Day off tomorrow and back out Sunday, yay!
  • That's fantasticimage
  • I know many others including myself have said it - but you are an inspiration booktrunk!! image

    That's an amazing amount of distance you covered in less than a year! And I don't think anyone would call you lazy! Lol I could do with losing a couple of stone but I haven't got my head around dieting as well - I think I'd over load my poor will power! You should be soooo proud of yourself image

    I think I'm just going to have to trust that it will all come together at the right time! Lol and then hopefully I'll be able to look back at how far I've come image I'm going to have a look at a mapping website to see how much distance I'm covering, just out of interest. When I start the marathon training it starts with a 3 mile run, and they say you should be able to run 30 minutes continuously - but I'm not going to worry if I need to walk for a breather every now and then image

    Thanks for the supportimage
  • Okay me and technology are not mixing, I have no idea why yesterday's post didn't come up but here it is now - hopefully! Lol

    I ended up skipping Sunday's run - between the whole family coming over for an early roast dinner and completing hubby's self assessment tax return - it just wasn't happening! :-/

    Soooooo went out Monday, I ran 4/1 run/walk x 6, it felt quite good - I did feel a bit heavy footed towards the end and I wasn't as focused on enjoying being out and running as I usually try to be... I ran along the canal path and there were some very dodgy characters which put me off a bit image

    I managed all the sections and didn't feel out of breath or praying for the walking section, so I'm happy with that - and out of 30 minutes I was running for 24 of them!! My main focus at the moment is to be able to run 30 minutes continuously and I'm nearly there!! image
  • Today's run was 2/1 run/walk x 8, I went up hill to make sure it was still challenging even though the running sections were shorter. I have to say I did feel the up hill sections, and felt like I did have to work at it! No real aches of pains though which is good image

    It's the last day of the program I've been following, so I need to have a look at how I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks before I start the 16 week marathon training program - I think I'll just concentrate on building up to a strong 30 minute run. Then the real work begins! image
  • It was actually the last day of my 3 week running program today - although it has in fact taken nearly 4 weeks with the bad weather and having a cold.

    Today's run was 5/1 x 5, which is the most I've run - out of 30 minuets I was running 25. I didn't have anything to eat or drink before I went out (and this was my third day in a row running) and I did kinda feel like I was running on empty.

    My calves and ankles were achey right away, and legs felt a bit heavy, the first couple of reps were okay, the third and fourth were a bit shakey. I felt way too hot from wearing too many layers, it was a lovely sunny morning, not the ice and snow! lol. By the fith rep I was getting close to home, so just kept going. But I was happy when the timer buzzed!

    It did feel harder today, but I also felt like a runner! image I'm taking a day off tomorrow and then I'll work out the next stage image
  • Hellooooo!!

    I've not fallen off the face of the planet or been abducted by aliens, just crazy busy - but not too busy to run!! image

    I went out Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday this week for approximately 30 mins each time: I was hoping to build a strong 30 mins of jogging before I start the marathon training which is recommended in my training guide. The the first run of official marathon training is 3 miles and I've been feeling a little bit nervous about it - so I used Map My Run website to work out how far I've been running in my 30 min jogs, I was thinking that I probably ran 1.5 miles. I had NO! Idea that I've been running nearly 3 miles!! :-0

    I have to say I'm really shocked but very pleased - hopefully I have got the right level of fitness and strength to keep going, I feel like I have and that's a huge boost to my confidence image

    I out again Saturday, I wonder if it'll feel harder cus I'll know how far I'm running? Lol
  • Hehe it might do.

    I find it's great knowing you've done x distance, as when I'm running if I feel tired and have say 5 or 7 km to go I can say I've done it before so there is no excuse not to. When is the marathon you are doing? Is it London or later? Seems a bit close to bring a few days away from starting the program?
  • D'oh of course it's June image

    Which marathon is it if you don't mind me being nosey?
  • I was wondering how it's going? Still managing? Or in need of some moral support?
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