Stalled / Regressive progress

Hi All

Hoping for some advice. I have been running reasonably frequently since October 2012 (3 times a week on average) and at the end of November was clocking around the following distances:

 Run 1 - 6-8 miles at a 80 pace

Run 2 - 5/6miles at a 80/90% pace

Run 3 (weekend) - 10 to 13.1 miles, 13.1 in 1:55

 Over the christmas break I took some rest and relaxed my training / ate some mince pies and drank some wine, but i only put on 3 pounds and it was only a few days of indulgence, however there was a period of about 9 days that I did not run.

Now I am trying to get back into the swing for the new year, and am hitting onstacles, my long runs seem to now be about 8 miles max, and my in-week runds more like 5 miles. I don't feel any different, but cannot seem to get the same distance through before becoming exhausted

 Any ideas what might be going on!? - I have a 10 mile road race on the 20th January, and a half marathon on Feb 18th and I am now very worried that I am not going to hit the distances!



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