Linda Franks 5 Mile Road Race

Has anyone done this race before and most importantly do you get a medal  ;-) ? Very local for me and would like to enter but I like shiny things at the end. Thanks


  • Hi Vicky

    I have done this race before and am also one of the organisers for this year's event.  It is a charity run in memory of a former Almost Athlete, Linda Franks, so we keep our costs to a minimum in order to maximise the donation which we can make to local charities.  All this is a long-winded way of saying that there won't be any medals image  However, there will be a small goody bag containing (non-shiny) food items for all participants, and we also sell a fabulous selection of homemade cakes in the community centre to replace the calories burned.  If we can tempt you despite the lack of medal, then you can enter in advance or on race day, if you prefer.  We hope to see you there! 

  • Myself and my running buddy are going to enter online in the week, my son has just broken his foot so I need a valid reason for my husband to babysit so I can get out and run at the weekends.  Thanks for your reply.

  • Hi agan Vicky.  Hope your son's foot gets better soon.  Maybe he can come and support you and your running buddy with your hubby if the weather's decent?  Just to let you know that there's no online entry for this event, but you can enter by snail mail in advance or on the day (£2.00 extra).  No need to send an SAE as numbers are collected on race day.  Cheers - LP.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply.  Our entries went in the post today. Looking forward to the race. Vicky

  • I can vouch for the great cake selection afterwards!! Oh and the race is good too image

  • Hi Vicky

    Just to confirm safe receipt of your entries today.

    And hi sensible

    Thanks for the thumbs up for our cakes and the race, of course - hope you can make this year's event!



  • Fab thank you for letting me know. Looking forward to umm cake. x

  • Just a quick note to say that there are still some places available at this race, if anyone wants to sign up on Sunday morning.  Race HQ will be opening at 8:00am.



  • Sound good. If I set out from Redditch can I be absolutly sure the race will be on and that I will get an entry ??

  • Mike

    The weather/roads are okay now in gloucestershire so I can't see why it would be cancelled. I don't know about the entry though, you could try contacting them through their facebook page to check -!/groups/58965523500/?fref=ts.



  • I got in OK and a very nice race it was.

  • Hi Mike

    At 4/6/8am this morning when it was torrential rain I hope you hadn't taken my word for the weather situation, but it turned out nice

    The race was really enjoyable. We will definitely try and do it again next year. Glad you made it down and got a place.

    Thanks to all at Almost Athletes.


  • Wish I'd seen this thread before... I tend to only do races for the medals and was very sad not to have got one (the one my 7 year old daughter gave me after doesn't count!). Good reason not to do medals though. My dad, who I think was one of founder members of Almost Athletes, and I can remember Linda Franks.

  • Thanks for the kind comments, folks.  It makes all of the hard work worthwhile!  We were relieved that the weather played ball.  The provisional results will be on our website shortly

    Psychosian: Linda's sister June was doing the teas and coffees today.  I never knew Linda, but I know she was a tidy runner.  I hope we did her proud today. 


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