KT Tape Brand Recommendation (best value for money that is still effective)

Hi, is there a good value for money KT tape that anyone can recommend? Thinking of trying this stuff for hamstring tendonitis.


  • How much do you believe in it ?image
  • Enough to try it once... image Yarrrrr (and if it's placebo and it works then that's fine by me).

    To be honest I only found out about it tonight after researching hamstring tendonitis. I realised that this is the stuff I have seen the guys in the olympics using. I never knew what it was before. Anyway, I figure a few quid spent here could save me 10 times as much going to multiple physiotherapy sessions so why not give it a shot.

  • Sod it - i just bought a 10 quid one from ebay. It looks like KT Tape branding but I am guessing it is a knock off. Who knows.. will try it and let you know how it works out Cougie. At the very least I am guaranteed an interesting leg wax since I am much hairy image

  • I use Kinesio Tex Gold off Amazon, £12.50,  I know there are doubters but it works for me.

  • Thx Barry - if the stuff i ordered is no good i will try that.

  • My mrs uses KT tape as part of her regime for achilles. I won't comment on the validity but she says the Pro version is better value for money relative to the standard because it sticks much better and so can last a few days - even through a sauna and a shower.

  • I use Rocktape in my practice and whether it's a palcebo or not, the patients seem to be getting great benefit from it (even if it means they're just emulating their Olympic heroes!).


  • I find Rocktape far better than KT tape. It stays on for days if needed. A roll is 12quid from sweatshop, compared to 20quid for KT tape from Sweatshop.

    As to whether you believe in it, no harm in trying. I've used it as part of recovery from a shin splint, pes anserinus tendonitis, and some calf trouble. On balance, I think it has helped
  • Great stuff guys! When I have for through this eBay kt tape I will try rock tape if I need more. Good to know it can be bought from sweatshop too!

    Thanks a lot.
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