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I have a question. I have been quite inactive for 2 months, running only occasionally (no more than once a week), and doing no more than 2 miles at a time. Before that, I could complete 7 to 8 eight miles with relative ease. I do seem to have lost a lot of my running fitness, but that may just be a psychological thing. How quickly should I go back to my normal training regimen? I know I can push myself back there quickly enough, but I'm a bit afraid to get injured as I have my first 21K coming up in May. Any thoughts?


  • after being out with an injury (no running at all for 8 weeks) i built back up to my long runs (11 miles) within a month, but i guess it also depends on how long you have been running, at the time id only been running for 6 months, i would imagine it would be less time now, 

  • Two months doesn't sound all that long, to be honest - especially as you've done at least a bit of running here and there.  I recently had six weeks off (yeah yeah, thanks a bunch, flu) and two weeks back into running I'm almost back to where I was.


  • When I've gone back to running after injury or a whatever enforced break I start with a lap of about 2 miles.  I do this about 3 times over a week and it is intentionally easy pace.  Aches due to lack of muscle use come and these are normal. After about 3 separate single laps and a rest of a day or 2 I do a week or so of a 2 lap and a couple of single laps. By the third week I'll be doing a single, a 2 lap and a finishing with a 3 lap and after that it just builds on from there. It does come back quickly but the key to it is building in gently and easily.

  • I had to take about two months off, back in the summer of 2011. When i came back, i just thought i would see where my legs would take me. What i remember most was the hell for the first couple of miles, and then having to stop. You just cant be the same runner straight away, but you have to chip away at it slowly, over a period of weeks, just taking it that little bit further every time you go out, and in between runs, making sure you stretch and look after your body.

    It will come to you, but the person who will push you hardest will be yourself. I nearly quit running after my break, since it was just hell, but i forced myself to do it. So no regrets.

    I am actually doing marathon training now, and there are days when i am tired, and i literally have to force myself to go out, but i do, and when i get past that first 5 i know i wouldnt want to be anywhere else, and you always feel better afterwards.

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