Low blood sugar?


Just wondering whether anybody can give me advice. I'm a keen runner...not doing much at the min but usually run 15-20 miles a week and more when training for a half-marathon. I'm running my first marathon in October and I also try and get to the gym at least 3 times a week to do weight/sprint training. I also play hockey. 

I've recently had blood tests for various issues but twice my blood sugar has come back 3.4...I'm confused as some things I've read is that the level should be between 4-7 and other's I've read 3.5-7.5? 

When I had the blood test I had eaten 3 weetabix, skimmed milk, 1 banana, 1 pot of fruit yoghurt and 2 quality streets (it was Christmas) so I wasn't having a blood test on an empty stomach. 

I do feel dizzy and slightly faint when it's more than say 4 hours and I haven't eaten or drunk anything. I'm always without fail starving in the mornings and I sometimes wake at 8 am on a weekend just to have breakfast as I can't get back to sleep again if I'm hungry...

I'm going to go the GP again but just wondering if anyone has the same thing/or knows anything regarding this?




  • What did the doc say ?
  • low blood glucose - especially after what you ate which is glucose rich - is probably down to reactive hypoglycaemia which is where you overproduce insulin which stimulates glucose uptake so the blood levels drop.  it's not uncommon but is often seen more in overweight people or those with Type 2 diabetes, although neither of those is a given as other conditions can produce that sort of glucose level

    the same goes for when you're feeling dizzy and faint after a few hours without food.

    you need to discuss these points with your GP who may want to do some other tests such as a fasting glucose which will give an accurate glucose level as it won't have been biased by food intake - i.e. your "normal" glucose level.  

    it could be that simple changes in your diet will help - talk to the GP

  • Just to add that I had exactly the same thing happen to me.  Blood sugar of just over 3 and had eaten a bowl of porridge, honey and banana about half an hour beforehand. Doctor was not concerned at all.   I am also a health professional and, although not a doctor, feel that this just shows good glucose regulation.

  • Hello- thanks for your responses.

    The doctor wasn't concerned- so I'm just going to keep my eye on it and then be sensible by eating something before and after a work out/run...

    It will be interesting when I'm marathon training in June- so may buy a Accu-Chek thing to see when it drops etc.

    Thanks again- A

  • "so may buy a Accu-Chek thing to see when it drops etc."

    unless you have an absolute reason to buy one - like monitoring your diabetes status - you don't need one.

    the GP says you're fine - and you are probably fine - just train and eat sensibly and stop overanalyzing something that really is unlikley to be an issue.   only take it further if it does start to become a regular problem and, before buying any blood glucose meters, discuss the matter further with the GP.   

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