Doner Does the Double



  • I've waited for 7 hours. What did you do ???

  • its not very exciting, this is what I was trying to type.....

    tried a 25 minute very slow



  • let me try again

    tried a 25 minute very slow (kept HR below 70%)  jog

    it didn't work, I felt ill afterwards.

    More rest needed I think 

  • ah! it didn't like the "less than" symbol...

  • it can take a while to recover properly from full blown flu, just take it easy and wait till you have had a couple of days of feeling normal again before training

  • Mathschick -I know you are right, it's very frustrating for me.

    So Doner - what training have you done this past week ?

    I'm still ill.
  • oh Purps - it cant go on much longer - eat your greens and dont let it get you down, im told courvoisier or single malt can helpimage

    i have had a bit of a bike week this week, being the lazy git that i am i hate training on the bike. It doesnt do anything for me but i realise that it must be done. No great mileage as i havent really done a lot of biking since outlaw but after this week i have seen what a bit of training can do. Tonights session i was hitting a steady 20mph in low zone 2 and found it easy so i dont know if this is a sign of i dont need the training or that i should actually train more image  

    swimming - did a 2.6k continuous swim then 1.4k worth of drills and stuff on monday and saw me hit the 4k continuous mark on thursday - could have swam more but the boredom would have killed me.

    havent done a lot of weights sessions this week - i done 1 tbh, Its still only week 2 of training and i dont want to over train like last year so trying hard to hold back and take everything slowly. i could have done 100 mile on the turbo tonight with ease, it felt so good to be fuelling through out the day - i use the term fuelling very loosely, KFC do an extremely nice boneless bucket - i didnt eat it all, i only had 7 of the 8 strips and 2 of the 4 chips. i gave the nugets to the kids and the coleslaw to the OH - i aint eating that stuff, its got mayo in it and i know thats fattening image oh and i might have eaten an almond crossant earlier and thinking about it i seem to remember egg on toast this morning, i never ate any of my youngest birthday cake - honest image

    so on the nutrition front i did increase my intake but unfortunately i have decreased my running mileage this week and if i dared get on the scales i think it would show that i, indeed, have ate all the pies, ....and biscuits, and cream cakes 


  • I'm loving your nutrition strategy Doner. That must be where I'm going wrong - not enough KFC. 

    Purple, you've been ill for far too long. Have you seen anyone about having some blood tests or something? Hope you pick up soon. 

  • Well this week saw a good start with a couple of bike sessions on monday and a 4k swim tuesday but unfortunately that was it for quality work outs. Got an eye infection from that long swim and that put a dampener on the rest of the week, couldnt really run as the swelling in my eye was irritated by the up and down motion of running so i decided to make it a bike week of sorts.

    so i only managed 13 miles running last week, 131 on the bike and just 4.4k in the pool, better totals this coming week hopefully

    undereating has been replaced by the more usual over indulgence of biscuits and crap and the fatboy is weighing in at a rotund 178lb image

  • increased the running this week to 39 miles in total, still not enough but i put in 15 hours training this week and dont want to overload again, not a lot of biking although i did get in a couple of 30+ milers and a 50 last sunday. hardly any pool time this week but isnt that the generally accepted method of iron training? 

    think im soon going to have to give some of the smaller sessions a miss and devote more time to longer sessions but with the better weather coming i cant see that being a problem.

    2lb lost this week so cant moan but did forgo the usual saturday night takeaway and i am losing the habitual coffee WITH BISCUITS. but kids birthday today and i cant resist nice cake image

  • Well done DK. Enjoy the birthday cake, would be rude not to. 


  • 123 days left soupy - i figured i can lose it by then but it still might be a close call 


  • dk

    I have entered a bit of a silly ride, (but not as silly as the London-Edinbrough-London one I wanted to do.....  I just have 300 miles to do in 24 hours. 

    That actually sounds really reasonable compared to the double.


    whats your plan re training zones etc for your long rides....
    I normally train at z1-upper z2, (129- 144) and end up racing IM at 155- (145 late on) due to excitement!

    Where are you training for your bike?

  • OC - i havent even been outside this year but i am taking a techy approach regarding zones. I cant really say with certainty that my figures will translate to outdoor riding but i do know that i can compare like for like to last years efforts. So, basically im still working on the very easy side of things

    the above is an hour that i did last week as a bit of a bench mark - key points for me are : 18.9mph average over an hour just under at an average heart rate of 66% max which i think is great, i only touched 70% twice because i stood up to give my arse a rest. It felt great and i could have gone for hours but im not going to over cook myself this year. It was done in my front room at a good temperature, i wouldnt say i had problems racing in heat last year but i know going out in 3°C isnt as race specific as indoors - even with the wind chill effect.ok - i did have problems with the heat  image   my run suffered at the vitruvian tbh, i just felt too hot, it may have been other factors but who knows. 

    My training for the bike will be done mostly at the vitruvian course, the enduro course has 136m of elevation and the vit course works out at 186m on average over the same distance, but the vit has the ripple which i believe is harder than anything at AT as this seems to be more rolling

    anyway back to the hr training - im on the same bike and turbo as last year but i have fiddled with my position a few times but like for like im going about 2mph faster for the same heart rate, my quads are building up a bit from strength training too - bit of a funny subject in our house but i cant get into my narrow legged 30" waist jeans - its not the waist that the problem, its the thighs - although losing a few more pounds might help image  Im going to be hitting 75 milers next week, i still think theres plenty of time to get out on the road - its not as though i need more road or bike handling skills so im happy with what im doing atm.

    i just started putting in 3x 3 mile hard efforts and overgeared sessions into my week as well as the usual 100+rpm and z2 stuff, and mix that with the hill running sessions and dedicated leg weights sessions i should have legs like tree trunks come summer. moving away from heel striking has made a world of difference to my calfs too, dont know how people run like that now. Anything you think im missing or may benefit from tell me - all advice appreciated

  • oh whats the 300 in 24 hours? im a glutton for it image


  • Newcastle to london. run by someone called bike 24 or something.

    They are also doing manxhester to london.

    I figure i get the tri bike out and crank 224 miles in 12 hours then cruise the rest image
  • i found it OC - ride 24, bit steep - i would have thought it would be cheaper than an ironman even but i guess not so many people so economies of scale and all htat.

    Anyway been a swim focused, well half focused, ok - i swam a few times and tried to tell myself that it was a swim week. I got a couple of 2.5ks in amongst a few smaller swims and on monday i did my furthest swim ever of 5.8k - it really didnt seem that bad, a lot easier than i first thought it would be so maybe i dont need to put hours into the pool to get a passable time. I did look at my times at certain distances, 50:17 for the first 100 lengths and 55.40 for the second 100 but that included a few minutes having a drink and getting my head round doing another 100. the last 800m was done as a cool down and took 18:28 which is still quicker than what i was doing last year so all good for me. If i scale that up to 7.8k for the double i should have a time of 2:47:22 but i think/hope i may be a little quicker than that as i am going to be wearing a wettie and normally am a few minutes quicker - even on the shorter stuff. maybe a 2:45 or even a 2:40 but i dont think 5 or 10 minutes is really what is going to make or break me over this distance.

    Still got to find time to hit a 75 miler on the bike this week but family stuff and weather is making it hard, I have actually got my better half doing the Insanity workout with me and the kids are going to join in so that should be cool - or rather sweaty really, urrgh image 

  • dk - I thought the price the same as a cheap (outlaw) IM - 24 hrs exercise v 11..... bargain..?image

  • oh yes i realise that, its just how much it costs to put on the events but like i said maybe they need to charge that much because not so many entrants.


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