Running Buddy

Hi I'm pretty new to running (ran a 10k last September) but am starting over with a couch to 10k plan as I've been really slack and have lost all my fitness. I'd really like to find a running buddy in London to help motivate me - not necessarily for every time I run but maybe once a week or something. Or a little running posse! Was wondering if anyone might be interested....?


  • I'd suggest that rather than hooking up with a stranger you find on the internet, a running club might be a better idea?

    They are not all full of super-fast racing snakes, many will have beginners' groups, and it will be safer than meeting up with random strangers.

    Also, you won't be relying on one or two people to show up each time.

    Have a look at the Serpentine running club, or look on the England Athletics website for clubs near you.

  • Ah, thanks for the advice; I have been looking but so far all the clubs I can attend seem to want you to be able to run for at least 20 mins..... I will have another look though image
  • Many clubs will have beginners groups, but if you keep it up, it won't take long until you CAN run for twenty minutes, anyway image



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