Treadmill advice please?

Hi all, I've been an on/off runner for quite a few years now, mainly trail. The weather recently has made me think that a treadmill would help me keep on top of my fitness and weight, which seems to be ever on the up. As getting out seems harder and harder to do. So, I would appreciate anyone's input or recommendations? I enjoy intervals, so being able to adjust speed/incline quickly would be good. Not mad on features, would prefer quality. As for budget, nothing above ??1500....unless its going to make a huge difference in what I end up with (like something good v's something I'll get p'd up with). Thanks in advance!!!!! Mabbsy.


  • I bought this particular machine:

    With this (using iFit) you can design and customise your very own programmes, the machine then automatically makes all the neccessary adjustments for you without any interaction from you.
    You can buy cheaper and more expensive models but as long as you know it has iFit compatiblity. NordicTrack is a very good, solid and sturdy machine - very heavy both on weight and quality!

  • Hi Alan,

    Many thanks for your recommendation.

    I'd be interested to know your views on ifit? Having read some unfavourable reviews, I've been a bit put off. Admittedly, these are all about a year old so hopefully the bugs have programmed out by now. Are there any additional costs attached to ifit once up and running?


  • Ok, I`ll give you  my honest opinion about iFit:
    iFit are currently undergoing a complete facelift with their website and for a number of people it hasn`t gone down too well. I don`t mean to sound blunt but quite a number of people either don`t consult their user manual (for updating fixes), don`t read the ifit technical support webpage and follow their instructions, simply want to moan about everything going under the sun or are just downright unlucky and have a genuine reason to complain!
    I am one of them to a certain extent in as much as the "Live Update" is not working... YET! I know they have acknowledged the fact and are working on puttting it right, but sometimes this just isn`t good enough!
    Their facebook page (ifit live) has been a REAL source of entertainment recently and it has NOT done them any favours by not publishing more frequent updates to let their customers know what is going on.
    Personally, I submit a technical ticket to the iFit helpdesk and can track their response from this, but for most people, I firmly believe they should have more frequent updates on their facebook page..
    Having said all that, when they do get it up and running properly, it is well worth investing in, not just for the Google Maps (slideshow) but for the simple reason with their new website you can customise exactly what you want the treadmill to do for you in any given workout.
    While ifit are currently experiencing problems, I`m making the best possible use outt of this technology: (you may need to refresh the page if the video does not load up) and combining my own customised programs to run parallel with this software (Virtual Runner.)
    As for any additional costs with ifit, when I bought my treadmill it came with the wifi module and a years subscription, as you mention there have been bugs with the system, everytime I`ve contacted customer support they have extended my membership to the point now where I am up to the end of 2015. (I must be one of the luck ones!)

    Bottom line is... for the quality (NordicTrack) and the functions you get from ifit live (when it`s fully functional) it`s difficult to find something that is on a par with it in the price range!
    I`d buy one again just for the simple fact it has the ability to interact with other users across the globe and you can make your ownt training simulations work automatically with it - you`re not just limited to what the machine has built into it.

  • BTW, is down for review in the USA version of Runner`s World in (February`s Edition) so I`m reliably informed - hence my other post on here asking for information regarding reviews that take place across the pond get shared with the U.K.

  • Thanks again, Alan.

    I really appreciate that you've taken the time to get back to my questions.

    It's good to hear an honest appraisal of ifit, from someone who knows what they're doing. I'm the same as you, prepared to read instructions and update software when needed...and also give someone the chance to fix something when it's gone wrong. Otherwise, how are people to improve their offerings?

    If it does what you say, in offering me complete customisation of my runs/workouts. This is something I have always missed on gym tread mills to date. Prefect!!!!

    I think I might take a trip to my local fitness superstore for a demo, hopefully of the machine and ifit.


  • Let me give you some more good advice... if you have the option, take out the deferred payment scheme with 0% interest, I suggest you do that, that way, if you are disatisfied with the product (it doesn`t do as advertised) it`s much easier to "get your money back" as the finance company are ultimately responsible for supplying you with the goods!
    I always do this - but I always pay it off in time, otherwise, you pay HEAVILY for it in the long run... no pun intendedimage
    Good luck!

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