Worrying HR



  • I saw my GP today and he said that because of some minor fluctuation in the ECG and because of the medication I'm on (venelafaxine) were the reason he thought it best to refere me. Although he said nearly everyone who is checked by the cardiologist has nothing requiring further treatment. He is happy for me to continue training as hard as I like.

    Yes k80, I think my GP is very good.

    Mel, my HR monitor recorded values of up to 218bpm, I'm 40 years old. Either it's wrong or I am.

    Dave of course I'll report back and hopefully you are right.

  • Well I went to see the cardiologist at the hospital today and I'm pleased to report that Professor falconer was right, why did I bother going eh?

    They did a thorough job, an ultra sound to measure my heart and all its parts, another ecg and I also did a test on the tread mill called a Bruce protocol. I did 15 mins which showed a 180 HR which is where they stopped. Shame I would have liked a complete HR max test. But good thing is my HR went up as it should.

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