Personal Bests 2013

Evening all, I'm 29 and have been running for 7 years, my target for this year is to beat my PBs in the half and the full marathon. My pb in the half is 1.20 and my pb in the full is 3.12. I did them 2 years ago and since then my training times have been getting slower (haven't done a marathon in 3 years). Now, I haven't been doing the same amount of mileage that I was doing when I did my PBs because of other commitments. I have also had sinus problems which I'm currently having treated. I don't feel lethargic when I run, it just seems harder to increase my speed - a mental thing maybe? Diet is quite strict - I have one cheat day a week and even then I very rarely eat takeaway food. I know there are runners on here who are very experienced and always willing to pass on good advice. I would greatly appreciate it, if I could be a beneficiary of such advice.


  • intense diet probably isn't too important at our kind of level Mike...seems like you've answered your own question with the bit about not doing the same mileage as of your pb days.

    get back to that and i'm sure you'll get back there and beat them.

    Just one question though. Is your birthday Jan 1 or 2?

    Otherwise I presume 1984 wasn't the year of your birth image

  • It's the 18th, but I'm only 15 days away from my birthday, so I just rounded it up to 29.
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