Anyone reccomend a decent Yoga book for Tri?

Does anyone know of any decent Yoga books/ DVD's that will help with Triathlon? I've been considering doing it for a while now but I dont have the time to go to a class and wouldnt know where to start otherwise. My flexibility is already good due to doing martial arts but I want something that will help build strength and flexibility specifically in the body parts engaged for Tri . All help/ advice/ opinion appreciated.


  • Big Al .... as most things and I would say definitely Yoga and Pilates I would reccommned going to at least one or two classes before hand or even a couple of 1to1 lessons
    You really need to learn how to do it properly .... as to books, I cant help on that one I am afraid

  • +1 with Meldy - small changes in your position make huge differences. You cant learn that from a book. Ask around for a decent Pilates or Yoga class in the area. 

  • John and Bevan over at IMtalk have a trial deal with a company that does yoga over the web (, might be worth a whirl.  I'm a huge fan of Pilates for improving core strength but I'm lucky to have the time to attend classes.

  • Thanks for your advice, is there any style of yoga which is better suited or is it a case of it helping overall anyway so it doesn't need to be specific?

  • Thanks FF, I'll check it out.

  • stick with Pilates - more benefit for tri conditioning than yoga and easier to pick up.  although early on you'll be wondering what you signed up for as you don't seem to be getting any benefit - and that's purely 'cos you're doing it wrong.  when you leave a good pilates class, you should be feeling it.

    I think I might sign up for another class - my core feels like it needs some help

  • Thanks Buddha, I'm going to look for a local class. Just from having a glance a lot of places appear to be combining Yoga and pilates into one session.

  • I'm a big fan of yoga. Getting to a class is really the ideal but I can recommend

    The Athletes Guide to Yoga. The book is good and the DVD is great too.

    Just get along to class from time to time so you know you're keeping good form.
  • Thanks Hope, I will have a look at that.

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