Arthroscopy early Nov/Spring Marathon possible ?

Been running 3 years, 47 year old female swimmer "converted" by mixing with tri-athletes, 3 halfs under belt (last one this GNR 2012), considering scratching marathon "itch" in 2013. Intermittent knee problem all last summer, suspected meniscus tear, arthroscopy in early Nov, tear intra-substance so not repaired as such but quite a bit of debris flushed out. 5 weeks off running, 2 weeks back in to 'sensible' rehab mode, running about 3 times a week but only up to 3/4 miles at a time at minute.  Have received differing opinions as to whether I can get back quick enough to consider Spring marathon. Don't want to put myself under any pressure that might lead me to push things too quickly, so just planning carrying on building up for next couple of months and see how I get on before commiting to anything, but just wondered what anybody thought ? Possible or pushing it ? Thanks image


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    Pushing it IMO.  I've been in a similar situation a couple of times with different injuries (including one lot of surgery) at this time of year.  As it happens I got to a state of fitness by March/April where I probably could have given the marathon a half-decent crack, but I definitely couldn't have raced to my potential without committing much earlier (like, about now) to marathon-specific training, which not only has the potential to set back your rehab, but as you say, will make you feel like there's unnecessary pressure.

    It's up to you though, and maybe depends on what you'd hope to get out of the marathon if you did it.  I decided to concentrate on getting back to fitness at the speed that my rehab would allow, and return to racing in fighting shape.  If you want to take that approach and forget about the marathon, but would still be happy to plod around for the experience should the recovery go well, fair enough.  But I think the pressure of feeling like you need to be getting into genuine marathon racing shape would be too much, and a little risky.

  • Thanks Phil, yes I think my gut instinct is to agree. Might be my one and only marathon when I do it, so as much as won't be speedy by any stretch of the imagination, would like to do it "justice" and enjoy it. And as much as in an ideal world, would have preferred a spring marathon as would rather put in the distance training in the colder weather, and like to spend more time in summer swimming open-water etc, a half late Spring and the full in the Autumn might be the plan.  Now ...nice, well-supported, flat, autumn marathon ??? A weekend in Amsterdam might be on the cards !image

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