Arthroscopy early Nov/Spring marathon possible ?

Been running 3 years, 47 year old female swimmer "converted" by mixing with tri-athletes, 3 halfs under belt (last one this GNR 2012), considering scratching marathon "itch" in 2013. Intermittent knee problem all last summer, suspected meniscus tear, arthroscopy in early Nov, tear intra-substance so not repaired as such but quite a bit of debris flushed out. 5 weeks off running, 2 weeks back in to 'sensible' rehab mode, running about 3 times a week but only up to 3/4 miles at a time at minute.  Have received differing opinions as to whether I can get back quick enough to consider Spring marathon. Don't want to put myself under any pressure that might lead me to push things too quickly, so just planning carrying on building up for next couple of months and see how I get on before commiting to anything, but just wondered what anybody thought ? Possible or pushing it ? Thanks image


  • why Spring?  why not wait a bit longer to do the 1st one and get a better recovery in the meantime??

    I would say it's doable but personally I'd target a later one - you might as well make sure you're better prepped and able to enjoy it more

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    To do a spring marathon, you should be starting your training about now.  If you're not physically able to do the first week of your training pan, then this suggest you're not going to be fit enough for the marathon.

    I had an arthroscopy last March and I'm preparing for VLM in April.  Physically my knee is no longer a problem, and mentally I'm stronger as I know how much I missed running whilst out injured. I wouldn't have wanted to jeopardise my recovery by doing too much, too soon.  I used a half-marathon as my training target just after recovery (started back in June with HM in Oct), so maybe this would also suit you and then you can have a proper crack at the full-marathon in the Autumn?  Also as it sounds like its your first marathon, its going to be a significant jump from HM to full distance, without the additional burden of recovering from surgery. 

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    ... must type quicker ... image

  • Yes, must admit, that's what my gut instinct says at the moment. Ideally would have preferred a spring one as prefer running in the cold than a hot summer (not that we seem to have those any more!) and like to spend more time doing distance open-water swimming in the summer, but half late spring, and marathon October time may end up being the plan !

  • or wait until next Spring and get even more recovery and training done in the meantime

  • Possibly..... though if recovery goes well in spring, Amsterdam marathon end of October looks like a good excuse for a little jaunt away ! image


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    A quick scan of the Amsterdam web site suggests that entries will be open for a while (as they're saying they've just passed the 1000 registration mark).  If it was me, I'd be booking a Half-mara and then see how the training goes before booking the full.  I was "lucky" with VLM as I already knew I had a place, as I'd had to defer from last year due to my knee injury.  If I hadn't known about VLM, I'd only be getting around to booking my marathon now as it would have been the local one which doesn't fill up until about a month before the event.  

  • I am sitting here, having not run since the Jubilee weekend and just under 4 weeks post arthroscopy,( oh and about a stone over weight but that is by the by). I have been surprised at how slowly everything is going. I have just cancelled all my spring half marathons and am glad that I have postponed my VLM 2013 . Personally I'd take it very slowly. I had my first Physio today and was told that these things take time. I'd take it slowly and aim for Amsterdam (!) . Some friends did it last year and loved it.At least you will know that you are removed and won't put yourself back and end up being out for longer
  • Yeah, 2 weeks further down the line, that's the plan at the moment ! Running 2 or 3 times a week, steady away, longest so far about 5.5m but could feel that a bit, speed not fast but not bad. Caution I think is the key....and for once appear to have sensible head on. Amsterdam does appeal as might be one and only marathon I do, so want one that's got good support and atmosphere. Draft Heineken and chips & mayo to 're- fuel' !!!!image
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    Welsh Girl52, don't let it get you down.  I understand where your coming from as I was getting frustrated post-op.  I even when back to see the Consultant as I was worried I wasn't recovering quick enough.  But I just needed a bit more time - it took me three months to get back to running, but started cycling after two.



  • Common sense is surely the watchword here, if it's not right then don't get into heavy marathon training. I've been through all this over the last couple of years, a sub 2:40 marathon runner well in my mid-40's, then suffered a meniscus tear on the inside of the knee, post-op was very sore, swollen and stiff around the knee. Took 3 months post-surgery to get near full movement back, but still not full strength or stability around the joint, 6 months on I still couldn't run more than 3 times a week for no more than 30 minutes and was stuck around 42 mins for 10km, then the knee went again. 9 months on from that I've had a second surgery, feels remarkably good just a week later (same knee, same surgeon) but I've learnt my lesson - I ran when my knee was clearly not 100% and with hindsight wasn't ready for running on, as a result it probably led to the second tear and I'm highly unlikely to be able to ever run seriously again - no race is worth risking that for, so take your time, get fit slowly and carefully and don't blow your future running career by being impatient. If it hurts think really hard about risking training through it, it's not like a minor muscle injury that may ease up with exercise.

    I understand your disappointment at missing a big race, but believe me the prospect of never ever running again is a lot worse.

    I really hope you make a full recovery, but don't set any arbitrary deadlines, let things heal in their own time - I didn't and I've paid fot it.

  • i had my knee done last week already had 3 months off and am fed up they also found damage to anterior cruciate ligament as well and have been told i have to have rehab in 6 weeks if that doesnt work i will have to have reconstructive surgery , i fell off a horse and thats what did the damage , feel so fed up and down especially as i have been told i can only walk the length of a lampost !!!! I was running 5 times a week but i have learnt to be patient and i know when i get back to running its going to be the best feeling ever , when i was first injured i kept thinking i would only be out for a week or two now i know its going to be a lot longer but at least im on the mend and i had a fantastic team of doctors and nurses and a great physio to get me back on the road to recovery good luck with your recovery xx

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