edinburgh marathon

hi everyone

i just joined today if anyone has entered the Edinburgh marathon and may have changed there mind or through injury and thinking about transferring your entry let me know i missed out by a day totally gutted as i have been running for 4yrs and the marathon is my next challenge

                                              thanks mark.


  • Hi Mark

    a. you aren't allowed to transfer your entry and b. edinburgh marathon is terrible.

    there are lots of other great marathons in Scotland and elsewhere, i'd recommend you enter one of those image

    if your heart is set on edinburgh, why not a charity place.


  • thanks mate

    but i think if you go to the home page you can transfer until 31st of march under the transfer of withdraw option also i will do it for charity if i cant get a transfer just i didnt want to commit to £500

                                         cheers mark

  • well in that case I hope you find someone image


  • thanks i will look at other marathons aswell

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