Spare Reading Half Marathon 2013 places?

Does anyone know of anyone who is now unable to attend the Reading Half Marathon in March this year?  Me and my other half have been training towards this for a couple of months now but didn't realise the entries closed in December (need to be more organised!).  If anyone has a couple of places they don't need, we would be more than happy to take them off your hands.


  • Could you do the Fleet half instead - it still has a few spare places but you'll need to be quick.  It's the same day.

  • Many races don't allow the exchanging of numbers, and I think this the case for Reading.

    There are loads of half maras around, have a look in EVENTS above, you'll find another one you could do either the same day, or close.


  • Fleet is now full, but as Wilkie says, there are other half marathons around the same time including at Maidenhead and Dorney Lake, so may not be too far from you.

  •  There's lots of charity places available as they can submit runners until 22nd February.


    We've got some image I'm a trustee of Berkshire Phab, but google and you'll find lots of options.

  • I have a place available for Reading if you are still interested?
  • I would be interested in a place for the Reading Half, if you still have a ticket available. 

  • I have a place avaliable, i can no longer go as im in scotland that weekend.

    please message me

  • Hi,

    I've got an entry for the blue zone which I won't be using due to a hip injury, if you're interested in buying it then message me at

  • I have one too - my number is on the thread I started thus morning
  • If anyone else needs a place, myself and my 2 sisters are all unable to do the half due to various reasons. Please contact me on
  • Hey ya I'd be very interested in taking ur spare spot!? X
  • Does anyone have a spare spot I'm desperate to run it!! Xxxx
  • Hey, yes I have a spare place.  I live in Manchester and for various reasons cannot now run Reading - gutted, as it was amazing last year!  Email me if you are interested - its in the green section x

  • Please see my message above too if you're still looking
  • Yes def interested!!!
  • Dottz........Do u want to email me I'm desperate to run! My email is I emailed you but not sure if its worked x
  • Hey kaz bird I've sent u an email but it won't send do u want to email me xxxx
  • Got your email and have replied!  Hope it works xx

  • Yep got it lol x
  • A bit late I know, but unable to run this weekend if anyone is looking to run, I'll be in Reading so will be easy to sort out.


  • I would love a place please can you contact me on
  • ian, I assume that you'rr sorted now.

  • Hey Late starter, what colour is your number ?
  • It's a green one

  • oh ok no probs, already got one of those, im looking for a pretty red oneimage
  • Hi Late starter,  My online registration failed for some reason and I would really like to take the place.  Live in Reading so could organise?  If it's still available could you please contact me on  image 


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