Wakefield Hospice 10km - Sunday 14th April

Anyone planning to run it? Going to be my first proper event after running for fun for about a year. Currently doing 5km runs at least once a week so I'm hoping to be able to make the step up!


  • Not any more, it is a simply out and back course from the athletics stadium underneath the M1 around a cone in the road and back again, boring course.

    Used to like the route around the town centre but I suppose this route is one main road closure rather than half a dozen.

  • Cheers for the reply. I suppose it makes more sense to have that route from a logistical point of view. Are there any other events in the local area that are more interesting? I noticed there's a Dewsbury 10km but it's at the start of February so might be a bit soon for me.

  • It's not too bad. Don't worry about it being interesting; you don't notice scenary in a 10k IMO! It is an out and back, but that is good for beginners as it gives you an ideal point to assess and plan for the second half. Dews bury is the same but a more competitive field. Enjoy!
  • Hope to run it, after missing last year due to a knee injury, picked up during the PECO XC series
  • mmmmm

    is it as flat as Dewsbury? Coming back from injury and a 10K around them could be good timing.
    As ET says in a 10K the scenery doesn't matter much!!!! 

  • Not as flat as Dewsbury. However, it does have rolling undulations and I was a fair bit quicker coming back so a decent time is possible IMO.
  • Cheers for the input everyone. Looking forward to it!


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