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Bare with me on this ill get to my question , i always like to give a bit of backgorund

Im 6 foot 4 ...around 220 lbs , i have flat feet and suffer constantly from medial shin splints in my left leg so im not your perfect runners physique. Ive been to 4 different podiatrists in the area , all of which tried to sell me custom orthotics @ £200 a pair practically as i walked through the door. 2 of these Podiatrist convinced me that they could cure my shin splints and relieved me of my money.This was 2 years ago ( there is more of a story to this but ill just end up going on and on )..neither of the Orthotics have made a blind bit of difference to my shinsplint problem and as im trying to step up my training i thought if they dont make any difference then why do i bother?

I was persuaded to go to a specialist running shop ( i usually buy trainers online for price) They gave me a gait analysis by video ( none of the Podiatrist did this, they just watched me walk) and recommended a support shoe (Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12) , now i never though to ask when i was there as ive been trying to run without orthotics for the past month or so but can you use Orthotics in a support shoe?? Or will reduce the effect of the support of the shoe?

I do have a leg length discrepancy , and its struck me if ive been using the wrong trainers all this time maybe the orthotics could help after all?


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    Basically what im asking ...does putting full length Orthotics (with a heel Lift) into a support trainer actually affect the support i would recieve?

  • Hi Wantefc,

    I used to suffer from bad posture - left hip appeared an inch higher than right hip. I regularly saw a chiropractor who straightened me out but when i started running she sent me to a podiatrist.

    They recommended orthotics just from seeing me standing - not even walking. I bought them, took out my trainer insole and replaced them with the orthotic (3/4 length). I just could not get on with them (inflexibe and obvious foreign body underfoot).

    I went to an independent running shop and had the gait analysis. I was recommended support shoes for a slight over pronation on my right foot. Changing shoe was all i needed, I don't use the orthotics at all now. But that's just me.

    Good luck sorting this out image

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    Thanks K80

    I understand everyone is different , i might try without though as i said earlier ive had no improvement with either pair so they are a bit redundant

    I just cant seem to get any momentum for my training because of shinsplints

  • i would ask the peopel who sold you the shoe............did you wear the orthotics when you had the gait analysis...........if not then i would ditch them for a while and go off the shoe they recommended............

    a good guy doesn't need a computer to tell you how you run / wlak etc....they should tell form looking how you walk/ stand and run normally............

    i would not wear orthotics with a support shoe unless they were specically made for you to wear with the shoe

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    My orthotics are specifically for my trainers and work together with their support.  Orthotics have really worked for me (I could only manage 40/45mpw without them but can manage 70mpw with), but horses for courses.  If you are still getting injured, that would tend to suggest you need to ease off the training and rebuild slowly and carefully, orthotics or no orthotics.

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