To all beginners- GO FOR IT

Decided it would be good to join the forum having looking at the posts and wanted to post on my experience.

In March last year watching the Biggest Loser I signed up for the Great Scottish Run to lose weight and get fit the day before i turned 30. The bug caught me and I was doing quite a bit from where I was previously. Over last summer did a good bit of training (gym and road running) and in September having lost nearly a stone and a half finished in 2 hours 40. Unfortunately I had a hernia that needed repairing and since October have done nothing. However, now repaired and with the weight back on I've started back again. Getting married this year so losing the weight means a bit more to me this time but my thought is this, I had never done any remotely close to a half marathon but a wee bit of determination and support from family and friends got me there.

Went back out on Jan 1st for 20 mins and the feeling of getting out there again was great.


  • Well done Ian, 

    So are you doing the GSR again this year?

  • I am indeed, looking to improve on my time

  • Well done- you won't have lost all your fitness- some of the work you did last summer will make your "come back" easier, and you have more time to get ready this year. Take it gently so you don't get injured.

    The Biggest loser is a really addictive show- my OH hates me watching it, but I love it!

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