South West Lahnden Bike Route/Training Partner Help pleaseeeeee

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Having recently relocated to south west london from gloucestershire - i am pretty stuck for bike route ideas. HIM is the plan if my foot ever recovers for the running part!

I have sort of plucked up the courage to go and find a small local route before work tmrw. Have also prepared bike lights and neon attire!

if there is anyone local to me, who could spare a couple of hours here or there to show me their fave routes - i would be so grateful!!! It might be me being a bit new to the area, but i feel strength in numbers is more ideal for the moment. While i build up my knowledge of the area!

If you could please PM me if you think you could help i would be so grateful!

Totally a coffee and a sticky bun en route, as payment image


  • Hi Oii!! image


  • Yo Rafiki!!! Apologies for giant quietness, relcoation madness!!! You ok???

  • Oii, where in 'South West Lahndun' are you?

    Soup Dragon is in West London & is a member of some womens cycling club based west of Ealing. There's a cycle track just to the west of Southall.

    But the person to see is Dustboy really! He'll sort out some 'Surrey' rides soon and they are just the business!

    I have a mate who's a member of a Tri club and he lives in Twickenham area, but isn't on these sites or a South African who rides most weekends and lives in Wimbledon.

    PM me and I can give you some more details!
  • PrinceS- will pm you just now (0:
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