Running my first marathon

Most of my previous new year’s resolutions have involved cutting down on swearing and eating less chocolate.

While giving up one led to an inevitable increase in the other, this year’s resolution will leave me too tired to swear but able to scoff plenty of chocolate without putting a single ounce in weight on.

I foolishly said I’d run a marathon this year, in front of other witnesses at the bar on New Year’s Eve. Next morning I was not only weighed down with the a hangover but the realisation of how far 26 miles is.

And so, sober and showered, I can look forward to the Manchester Half Marathon on April 8.

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  • If anyone who was there is a bit fuzzy on the details, you could always try to convince them that they promised to run with you image

  • It can be done, but need to start now, this time last year I started running picked a 10k and trained,sorry don't know your background or fitness,but by July I was doing halfs and in October I completed a marathon, look up a program it gives u a bit of focus, u need to do short runs for stamina but u definetly cannot leave out the long ones,hard to believe but u look forward to them,and as dj says try and get someone involved with u long runs can be boring and mentally challenging,good luck image
  • Chester is far enough away from now.  It is supposed to be a fast course, although I thought it undulating and never ending!

  • .2 - a marathon is 26.2 miles image

  • Thanks for the advice. Training starts on Tuesday. Can't wait ...
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