London marathon 2012 fridge magnet

Hi, bit of a long shot, but any chance anyone has or knows where I can get a spare one of these fridge magnet? My wife just kindly threw mine anyway without asking and I'm a little bit devastated about it! Would be grateful for any help. Thanks Rich


  • I assume that you've tried google?

    Turned up loads, but may not be the one you're looking for.

    And  ebay?

  • Rich...

    if its the one that they sent that you can peel off the numbers to display your time I have one that you can have............just send me a private message on here with your address and I will pop it in the post

  • I picked one of the numbers off the wrong way on mine and they don't stick back on properly.

  • nykie I have a second spare one if you want it...........having a new fridge/ freezer delivered in the morning and clearing the old one and realised i have 2 of the magnets on there and neither have had any  numbers taken pristine condition as the adverts state

    free to a good homeimage

  • My fridge is non magnetic. image
    Can't even play fridge poetry. image

  • Seren, that'd be fab! I'll pm you my address when I'm next on the laptop (not entirely sure if I can do that on the iPad - it doesn't seem to like forums!)
  • Real long shot - does anyone still have a spare one?

    Ran a PB and want to put it on the fridge!!!!

    07415 858278 - pls text me!!! Here's hoping!!
  • sorry Mark.. gave both of mine away

  • Worth a try - thanks though!!!
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