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As mentioned in my other thread - I am zero, slowly hoping to change it, by running regularly (5K being my first little goal). After reading some of the threads on this forum, I decided to visit a local shop where, after a short run, I was determined to have natural pronation. I was recommended Asics GT-2000 (2E).

I would appreciate any opinions you might have about this pair of shoes - is it a good choice, or is there something better worth considering?

It has been quite surprising for me to learn on Asics website that the shoes are made for overpronators. I guess a bit of support wouldn't be bad, especially in the beginning, but I am not sure how big a mistake it would be for me to buy them, given my natural pronation.

What do you think? Would you suggest buying something else instead, or is Asics GT-2000 a good choice? I really liked the cushoning in these shoes...

Thank you for your help!


  • Hi Dante,

    There are many different opinions around the interwebs about what's right and wrong when it comes to shoes.

    I've been for two gait evaluations in my time of being a plodder, both with the same result, both leading to me getting shoes that gave me shin splints.  These days I go try some shoes on and buy what feels right and so far have had less injury (although not injury free).

    I'm just about to receive my first minimalist shoes to see how I get on with them.


  • I just looked up this review.

    It says that the support is small - only for mild overpronators... and that the Asics website says that the shoe should be suitable for a neutral gait... so maybe the shop has not been negligent in selling you the shoe (which is what first sprang to mind when I read your post). 

    If you've a natural gait, I'd have probably gone for a totally neutral shoe... but the shop might have their reasons - maybe they make more profit on the GT2000 !!  -  but equally, they might have experience that, having seen your running style, they genuinely think the shoe would suit you.  I'd tend not to be too cynical - but I'd give them a call and discuss and ask them to explain their reasoning .

  • Thank you for the responses!

    I wouldn't mind shoes for mild overpronators, as I do think I might have such tendency in the long run. Also, I do not know if wearing such shoes would necessarily cause any problems/injuries, should I happen to be 100% natural pronator?

  • I believe that running in overly- contolling shoes can cause ITBS- go for the least degree of motion control that you can manage- certainly did for me ( from personal experince). I think mild overpronataion is probably the commonest pattern seen- though I may be wrong.

  • Thank you once again for all the advice and support.

    I went to another store, had my pronation confirmed (neutral) and ultimately decided to get the least-ridiculously-coloured Asics they had for neutral pronators image.

    Now let's hope I continue running for more than two weeks...

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