Spen 20 Yorkshire

Hi I have just signed up for the spen 20 just wondering If anyone could give me any info on what to expect Am using this as build up to London marathon Cheers


  • Bradders, I'm from West Yorkshire, ran it last year and confirm that its hilly. Having said that, you do get opportunities for respite (downhill sections) so all is not so bad. Do make sure you get in your miles and your hills. 

  • got a slight knee problem only hurts when i get up over 10miles only on down hills dont know weather to miss spen an concentrate on my london attempt and hope my knee doent get any worse dont think spen will help image(

  • Anyone else doing spen?I'll be there?
  • Im off to spen as well. Was guna do hull as thats always been my stop before london but chose this instead. Watched a you tube video and it looks hilly. Maybe should have stuck to hull but hopefully a good hill session wont take to much out of me. I did holmfirth 15 about ten years ago and i enjoyed that and that was hilly as well.
  • I think undulating rather than hillyimage once you're in the zone you tend not to notice the inclines !!
  • I'm pulling out got knee problem pain when going down hill so missing it

    Gutted want to have a crack at it roll on London .
  • Bad news bradders. Theses always next time.
  • have you ran this before nelly?


  • No but I know the course fairly well. I suppose I aren't particularly phased by it as I'm using it as a training run and aiming to do the second ten at marathon pace. This will probably be to heart rate though because of the ups and downs.
  • Im aiming for 3.30 london. With the course info i have im going out at 9 mm and taking it from there. Dont want to be cooked half way!!
  • Wish i could do it but i just darnt risk it with london being so close managed a pretty flat 18 mile in 3hr.10mins last sunday with slight pain so think spen would just be that bit to much pain with hills round there  image( will be back next year .

  • Why not do 1 st lap and see how it goes bradders. You can always pull out. Good 18 miler still though if you are injured.
  • There is a brutal downhill in the last mile. Really steep and about half a mile long. Probably best avoided if ur knees knackered!
  • If that is the case with that down hill there would be some pain involved for me don't wont to ruin London been training for a year for it there is always next year.
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