knee pain comes and goes


i am currently training for a marathon in april. and i keep getting this very annoying pain in my right knee, which comes and goes. on a 20k run for example half way through it suddenly hurts so much i cant run any further, then i stop, wait for maybe 20 seconnds and keep on going a bit slower. and after a while the pain is gone.

then on a 30k run theres no problem at all. atm my knee even hurts when im just walking.

has anyone an idea whats wrong?

thank you for any help image


  • I mentioned an issue with my knee and inner thigh to my physio (again, pain comes and goes and seems to be running down my inner thigh to my knee) and she recommended foam rollering of my VLM (the quad muscle on your inner leg, just above the knee).

    She also made me sit on the treatment couch and flex my leg muscle. The knee cap went slightly sideways which is apparantly an indicator of tight quads. The foam roller (YouTube it!) and stretching seems to be helping.

    Good luck


  • REMREM ✭✭✭
    I had the same a few years back. The main things that my physio recommended ( and which worked!) were gait analysis/ new shoes, a lot of time on the foam roller, and a short series of exercises to strengthen the glutes/ improve balance.

    This plus some hard work took me from 3.21 in the 2011 VLM with a lot painful walking to 3.00 in 2012 non stop.
  • I had a bad knee few years ago which has come back to haunt me recently!

    I wear a chowpat, i would recommend sports massage/physio and (like the others have said) lots of stretching and strengthening.

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