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Hi folks. My friends son (who is 8) wants to have a go at a triathlon but wants his dad to do it with him. Does anyone know of any tri's that allow this? Cheers in advance W2S


  • not that Im aware of. All tris are usually handicapped starts and juniors are therefore set off separately, then the adults swim time (for pool tris anyway) will determine their start. Plenty of kids of 8 doing tris though, Id encourage him to do it and if dad wants to do one of the adult legs kid can watch and cheer him on too!

  • I've not come across a mixed tri that allows parents and kids to race together - and frankly if I did, I would refuse to officiate at it!  

    parents are bad enough shouting at their kids form the sidelines - I have seen kids in tears because of the way some parents react - so I would hate to think what a controlling parent would be like if racing alongside their little dahlins.

    in fact, parents should be banned from being anywhere close to their kids in a tri - the kids are resilient enough to get on with it themselves with a little help and encouragement from marshalls and officials who have no "gene investment" in the kids

    that's perhaps an over-reaction on my part as most parents are fine, but the small minority of controlling ones don't help the overall ambience of a kids tri and just make it unpleasant to be at.  

  • Sorry fb -was only asking.....
  • appreciate that - I was only getting it off my chest.....image

  • i took part in a kids run race a couple of times.........felt an idiot as i was the only adult........but at the time my son couldn't have been left on his own to follow the course or not get distracted.........and it was all for fun anyway..........

    but for a tri i would just tell your son that adults are not allowed but you will be at the finishing libe cheering him on........

  • not sure about parents FB.but i did a race at bryn bach when they had tristars.........the coach of a group of kids was bellowing like mad..........shouting things like if you aren't first then you are a loser..........I was amazed.......he wasn't a good enough coach to recognise that the 13 year old girl would benefit from a sports bra..........but he thouight he was good enbough to bellow the whole way through at the kids

  • I'm not aware of any events where TriStars are allowed to race on the same day as age groupers.


  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    I'm not aware of any events where TriStars are allowed to race on the same day as age groupers.


    there's one local to me where they do using similar parts of the course - but they don't clash with the a/g'ers as they go off at a different time.  same transition area as well but quite separate to the a/g racks.

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