FLM alternatives

OK so my application is in.

I have been here 3 times before and each time its been rejection and each time this has had a very negative effect on my training.

I am planning to start the long slow build up on Monday after 4 weeks off due to family circumstances.
I have never run a marathon before and allways wanted London to be my first...however if I keep waiting to get accepted in the ballot then I might be an old man by the time I get in. (Did consider a golden bond place this year but Mrs BBB said NO due to the 3 kids under 6, me marathon training and trying to complete a PhD in the next 6 months! - she said enough was enough)

So time has come to consider alternatives. I am looking for something around a similar date - late March to June. Fairly big field of marathoners but doesn't have to be solely a marathon race, fairly flat. I hope to finish around the 4.00 hr mark (secretly wants a sub 4.00) and do not want to be in the last 10% of competitors.

Any suggestions?


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