How hilly is the San Domineco 20miler?

Hello all,

I have just entered the San Domineco 20miler in Merthyr Tydfil on the 24th March as a warm up for London. Does anyone know how hilly it is, so I can prepare myself!

Thank you for your help!


  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Have a look at the OS map and see how close together the lines are?

  • Hi

    only works wilkie if you know the course and are good with the OS map and have a copy image

    the first 7/8 miles are mainly slightly downhill with a few small little inclines...........then at 7/8 miles they send you up the side of the mountain...........this is a nasty climb.....but then you get to run down the other side............a couple of flat miles and then you have to run back up the valley to the start...........

    don't go off too fast as it is  downhill in general and it will be even harder when you turn around and have to do the slight uphill back to the start.........

    its a brilliant race especially if you are doing a spring marathon............if you can keep strong in the last 5 miles then it bodes well for the marathon

    so only one real hill on the course


    good luck

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    seren nos wrote (see)


    only works wilkie if you know the course and are good with the OS map and have a copy image


    There appears to be an OS map section, with the course marked on it, on the event website.

  • i use os maps for off roads.but couldn't begin to tell the course gradient from studying that one.........

    i still think its easier to ask locals........but there again you have to bear in mind that one persons mountain is another persons molehill

  • LaudyLaudy ✭✭✭

    AR: I always run SD20 as spring marathon prep, if you can run this you will have no probs come VLM day!!

    As Seren Nos describes above whilst a lot of the course is pretty flat, the climb at mile 7/8 is a swine!  You think you have reached the top and then it bends round a bit further, but the down on the other side allows you to catch up the time lost.   You won't be disappointed its a well organised race, good value with a great tech Tee thrown into the entry.  

  • Thank you for all of your advice! Not too scared now! Yes laudy, I am thinking if i can get round this, I should be able to get through the Marathon!

    Thank you for your help!

  • I am also thinking of this but am doing Round the Lakes 20 at Rhayader the week before which isn't flat either.
  • although rhyader has much more elevation.............i think rhyader is much easier than san dom............because you get the big climbs out of the way in the first 6 miles and then you are running downhill

    san really have to pace yourself as it feels flat but it a gradual uphill on the way back that can feel really really toughimage

  • LaudyLaudy ✭✭✭

    Like last year I will be doing Rhayader and then SD20 the following weekend.  I was injured last year and paid a little bit for it at SD20, so not hoping for a repeat this year.  I would agree with Seren the last few miles of Rhayader are easier than SD20, but that hill at the startimage


  • Hi, I'd like to do San Domenico 20 as I've never run a 20 miles race before & it's near to me. I'm not able to do a spring marathon this year as it clashes with a family holiday (last 2 weeks in April) so I'd like to get 1 long race under my belt before relaxing on hols image

    Thanks for all the info/details about the course - v helpful. I'd like to aim for sub 3 hours & hope to build on a good base of training over the autumn/winter...have been training a lot on hills too 

    I have a couple more questions -

    What are the fuel/water stations like on the course? Is there much support on the course (start/finish area & any villages en-route?) & does this race usually attract a good size field?



  • LaudyLaudy ✭✭✭

    The race is organised by a running club, so its very well organised but low key.  The water is provided in cups, no bottled water.  They do provide electrolytes in cups at some of the fuel stations.  Last year they also had gels handed out at one of the fuel stations, from memory I think that they were Hi5 gels.  The field last year was about 3-400 so a fair size and a real mix of ability.  The marshals are great but as it is predominatly on the Taff trail there is limited support, its certainly not like a city centre run.  Some of the locals you pass will give some vocal support, not entirely sure its always encouragingimage!!  The finish is well organised with a guy on a PA annoucing the finishers.  You also get a cracking T shirt.  Hope that helps!

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