Shoes for mixed runs

I know there seem to be a few threads around about shoes for trail/ hybrid running but I've not found anything that quite fits what I'm after.

I've been running for around 18 months and am still on my first pair of proper running shoes which I got from sweatshop after a gait analysis. I overpronate, more so on my right foot. I've been wearing Brooks GTS 11s and have found them to really comfortable and they are showing only minimal wear after nearly 500 miles. I mainly do 3-4 mile runs a few times a week, although am just about to start training for my second HM so will be doing weekly longer runs again.

My runs tend to be a mixture of pavements and footpaths (within the same run), and recently the mud has made it reallly difficult! Some of the footpaths are quite hilly, whereas others are by canals so are flat. Yesterday I went on a particularly muddy run and I'm not sure my shoes are actually going to recover... Does anyone have any recommendations for a shoe that is good in mud (and a tad more waterproof?!), but won't get overworn and will provide support when on pavements? 



  • You could try these, I am thinking of getting a pair as most of my runs are mixed

  • And check out the Adidas Kanadia. Good paddles for mud and not that bad for the rest. Plus you can pick them up for under £40.  And they do rinse up well - I had mine submerged for most of a xmas run and they look as good as new now. 

  • I have looked at the adidas Kanadia and they look good value hmmmm maybe i'll go for the adidas as my other shoes are adidas. image

  • Thanks- I'll have a look at both of those- it looks like they have they the Kanadias in Sports Direct so I will definitely pop in there and try them (and at £36 they're a good price!)

  • cougie wrote (see)

    And check out the Adidas Kanadia. Good paddles for mud and not that bad for the rest. Plus you can pick them up for under £40.  And they do rinse up well - I had mine submerged for most of a xmas run and they look as good as new now. 

    Cougie - looking at the write up for these they specifically say for 'trail running'. Can these types of shoes be used on the road as well ?

  • Ive only had them for a short time - I'd say they were too aggressive if its all pavement - the amount of studs on there mean that theres not that much shoe on the floor on smooth surfaces - so it could be a bit slippy on wet corners. 

    I often run long distances on pavements in trail shoes though - apart from them being a bit heavier than road shoes - I dont notice much difference. 


  • Right, cheers   

  • Thanks Cougie- I would probably only be looking to switch for my longer off-road runs or when it's very muddy (as my Brooks do manage pretty well), so that's good to know they'd probably fit the bill

  • Another vote for the kanadias: I've got them and they're okay for running on pavements in order to get to the off-road sections of your run. Compared to all the other trail shoes I tried on, they seem to have more cushioning and in fact were the only ones where my heel didn't slide around in them because of that. So I'd say go for them but try all the other trail shoes in sports direct while you're there as I think you'll be able to tell quite a lot from how they feel.

  • Oh they do come up small though - so best buy from a shop or go up half a size from your normal. 

  • I too have only a slight over pronation on my right foot. I've been wearing these for the last 12 months and they're brilliant.

    Adidas Supernova riot

    Edited to say they're used 50:50 trail and road.

  • Hello, I have Brooks ASR 8s which are good for muddy paths. They fit like the Adrenaline GTS but with a much studier sole and more weatherproof. I think ASR 9 has just come out so that means the 8s should be cheaper now...

  • +1 for Brooks ASR's- not great for really extreme off road stuff, but justslightly better gripping for muddy/ icy paths- you can use them on raod too- mine have done over 500 miles- 1/2 on road- still going strong, and feel quite similar to the pure road version- actualy I prefer them.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone- I went around sports direct and DW sports today and SD didn't have anything in my size other than a pair of Karrimor Tempos (£39.99) which were actually alright, but I have no idea what Karrimor shoes arelike (the shop assistant thought they were the bees knees, but then he would).

    I found the Adidas kanadias (£44.99) in DW and quite liked them, but wasn't convinced I got the sizing right. I also tried on a pair of Adidas duramo 5s (£44.99) which the shop assistant said are a good mixed shoe, and they were pretty comfortable.

    So does anyone have any thoughts/opinions/experience on the Karrimor Tempo and the Adidas Duramos? I think I'm leaning towards the Duramos, but find it hard to work out whether they are what I want in a shoe. 

  • I originally bought the Adidas Kanadias but found the lugs unsuitable for road running. I've since moved to the Brooks ASR GTX and love them. They're exactly the same fit as my trusty Adrenaline GTS 12s but they keep my feet dry and warm in cold/wet conditions, as well as providing a bit of extra grip on slippery roads. I'm not sure how they'd cope with full-on snow/ice, or in hardcore trail running, but they suit me fine for now.

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