Whoever recommended me the La Sprortiva cross lite XC

Bought two pairs less than a single pair of x-talons. Okay they arn't as flexible with the omission of the facia band, and only time will tell if they last as long. But they are lighter, the debris guard keeps makes my toes look less hobbity and their outsole is superb.


  • Thanks for the info..are you new here...tell us a bit about you, what you do, why you bought these and what they're good forimage

  • Firstly, sorry for the grammar......iPhone/fat fingers!

    Been here a relatively short while I guess. Some guy, on another thread that I'm unable to find, suggested the La Sportiva XC as an alternative to my usual for fell and clagg.

    I mistakenly suggested that they may have been too supportive. They arn't, they are bloody great.

    Can't give any reasonable review untill i've killed them so you may have to wait a few months for that one.
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