Brooks Pure Project 2 - Better or Worse?

I'm a huge fan of the Pureflows - I'm on my 3rd pair - and I like my Trailgrits too for forest paths. But I'm concerned that the new version of the PureProject line that's just been released has a new upper and tighter nav band. I certainly don't like the look of them but has anybody tried them and got any feedback on how they feel?


  • I'm a Pure cadence fan (3 pairs) and am also a little nervouse. Should be getting my Puregrit 2s today, but hoping the outsole grip is much better than the 1s (which is why I didn't buy those)

    I didn't realise the Nav Band is going to be tighter, but I must say it was always looser than the lace system so not sure it was doing anything. A tighter band could be a good thing

  • I would like some feedback from anyone that tries the 2's I did love my PG1's but switched to the merrell mix master (which is also a great shoe) because of the grits poor grip and less durable upper! The grit has more cushioning and is a comfier long distance ride though!!!
  • Will have mine today or tomorrow but can't run for a couple of weeks. Will report on initial fit and feel etc.

  • Thanks image
  • Thanks, it would be great to hear how they feel. I run in Salomon speedcross for really muddy offroad stuff but the trailgrits are great for park and forest gravelly paths and for when leaves make the pavement slippery.
  • So, got my Brooks Pure Grit 2s just now, and here is my summary based on initial feel and comfort etc. bear in mind this is a comparison to the Pure Cadence 1 (never had the Grit 1s)

    Firstly, they look better in real life than on photos. Most photos don't show the lovely red upper areas on the inner side of the shoe.

    The most important aspect I was keen to test was the outsole. I can tell you it is much more agressive than it looks on photos. The rubber feels harder than the road shoes (which is a good thing), so perhaps not quite as spongy feeling as the cadence. Interestingly, it's not as flexible around the midfoot as the cadence, probably because of the stiffer rubber -perhaps a joint line across the sole at mid foot would have helped. but, having said that the lack of flexabi;lity does not translate to when you wear them and walk in them.

    There is now an extra eyelet hole at the top of the shoe for a lighter fit around the heel and I have found I needed to use that.

    I would say there is less spongy material on the upper, over the top of the foot compared to the cadence, so not quite as plush feeling in that area. However, the fit is more wrapped and so I guess is not needed.

    The Nav band is now working -as in it's nicely stretched across the foot and no longer baggy under the laces (useless). On my foot the Nav band holds the misfoot without having to tighten the laces over this area.

    The laces are shorter in length and thinner than the cadence1. Not a problem,

    The tongue is now attached to one side which is OK, but it's also ever so slightly shorter, meaning it only just extends beyond the lacing system. I guess they're cutting out any excess material.

    It uses the same last, which is great. But if I closed my eyes and put on a cadence 1 and the PureGrit 2 on each foot would they feel exactly the same? No, not quite, but not in a negative way...just slightly different.

    OK, well, this all means nothing if they're shit to run in. I can't run for a couple of weeks or so, so I'll have to wait and see.

  • thanks for the first bit of info will look forward to hearing about your first run in them image

  • Thanks for putting so much detail, it's really interesting to hear so much that's positive about the upper and the nav band. I hope you enjoy running in them image

  • First pair of midfoot trainers today. Brooks pure project 2. Will let you know how it pans out. 


  • My Pure grit 2s are retired...after just 3 runs! I noticed a hard bit in the top of the heel collar (under the foam). That wasn't present in the Pure cadence 1s. Guess what? It caused a blister on the back of my heel.

    Not sure what that hard bit is but I knew it could cause problems.

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