Half Marathons in the South. March 2013 Please help me choose, advise.

03 March Eastbourne

10 March Milton Keynes

24 March Hastings

24 March Marlow Water Of Life

24 March Brentwood

Any others in the South equally as good?

I have Brighton in February.

Thank you.


  • Won't it partly depend on timing? Eastbourne's only two weeks after Brighton.

    I did Hastings last year and loved it; really well organised, excellent crowd support, though a bit on the hilly side. But am giving it a miss this year as it's a bit too soon before London for me so have entered Tunbridge Wells on Feb 24th instead (probably no good for you though only a week after Brighton).

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Brentwood has sold out already...

  • Thanks people,

    Have now entered the Water of Life Half Marathon, due to it being in the Top 5 halfs of 2011. (Runners World listings)


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