Running in Oldham

Hello everyone,

Just looking for a bit of advice.

I am currently a Stockport Harrier, but I may be moving into the Oldham area (specifically Royton) in the coming months and I want to continue competitive running.

There are two clubs nearby, Oldham and Royton Harriers and Royton Road Runners. I just wondered if anyone had experience of one or the other and could let me know your thoughts?

I assume O / RH are a traditional type of athletics club, with RRR being more of a running only club which is slightly newer.

I suppose I could just ask the clubs this information outright, but I would also like to find out any info from people who train / trained with these clubs.

Thanks everyone


  • I know a bloke in Royton Road runners and I've met a few of them, they seem like a good bunch with a good spread of ability.  I think there are some quite fast people, don't think you'd be disappointed.


  • Thanks very much for your input.

    I suppose the best plan of action is wait until I move and then go and check them out. I don't really compete on the field so just going to a runner's only club wouldn't be a problem. Mind you, some would say I barely compete on the road! image

    The only downside is that I wouldn't get to compete against my running buddies as both Oldham clubs compete in the Lancs XC leagues as opposed to Manchester but you can't have everything!

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