Brighton 1/2 marathon 2013

anyone got an entry to the Brighton 1/2 marathin 2013 that they will not use ???



  • I'm still after one as well. Anyone who's done this HM ... at any point do they check id as I've seen many threads mentioning how difficult they are regarding transfering places.

    Thinking about doing watford HM instead as its two weeks before.

  • Hey Guys, I ran brighton half last year and all the race numbers were sent out in the post, so you just turn up at the start line and run.
  • Hi Vicky, They do not check (they cant really) - I had a trasfer the year before last and there were no issues.  I was looking at the Watford 1/2 on the 3rd Feb and also the Windsor one on the 16th.  I am doing the Brighton marathon in Aprill so will propably go for Watford as I will need to be at higher miles at end of Feb. I live in Brightin so happy to drive and give a lift to Watford  on 3rd Feb if you wanted. Just did 7 miles and plan 10 miles tomorrow ( the Tadworth 10 !) .....  my first week training ahhhhhh

  • Mike - very kind to offer! but I actually live in London! Anyone done Watford before? Looking to do a HM in feb to get a feel for how my marathon training is going (ie ... I want a strong PB!) and a little concerned about the hilliness that I keep reading about Watford making it a more disheartening time compared with a flat run.

    Isn't the winsor one in october?

  • Also need a place if anyone can't make it for some reason for my wife I have one already please PM if anyone has a spare will obviously cover any costs.


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