How much should I be spending on running shoes

I've been running for about 6 months and for most of that I was running round the trails of the local reservoir and have a pair of trail running shoes. However, as the days are now dark when I get home from work and the weather's been horrible I've taken to running road so I'm thinking of investing in a proper pair of road running shoes. I'll need to get my running analysed at my local shop and was thinking about getting a pair of shoes which they recommed. Looking at various websites it seems shoes vary greatly in price. I'm currently running about 5k 3-4 times a week after work and upto 10k once a week.

Can anyone advise on aproximately how much I'd be looking at spending for a decent pair of shoes.


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    I tend to average around £70 for a pair of running shoes, that is the price of the one or two different styles that I found have suited me best and offered the cushioning etc I need.  It does vary wildly and I think it will depend on your technique, how heavy a runner you are (that doesn't mean weight necessarily either), if your technique is good and you're light on your feet and don't hammer down on your heels etc you might be able to get the cheaper shoes.  I try to go for the sale ones and get the previous season ones in the sales if I can. If you have small feet you have a much better chance of getting really cheap shoes as well image

    hugely expensive isn't always best so be wary of them trying to push really hugely expensive top wack shoes image

  • Thanks for the advice. I'm planning a trip to Sweatshop in Manchester tomorrow. Somehow I don't think I've got very good technique and I also have pretty big feet (ladies size 7-8s). I have no problem wearing the previous seasons. I'm all for saving money by buying last years stock!!!

  • I'm a ladies 8 and have to get a size bigger to avoid losing toenails (which used to happen before I realised) so have to get a 9. which means most of the time I have to get mens shoes which is annoying. good luck enjoy your shoe shopping, it's what we ladies love most in the whole world image

  • I can sometimes get away with a size 7, it all depends on the fit. My trail shoes are size 8s but I think they're a bit big as despite wearing double layered running socks, they feel big and give me blisters. Especially in the summer. Talc helps though.

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    Susan, you really won't go far wrong at sweatshop. I regard them as one of the most professional retailers and im sure they will look at your gait and find you a number of different pricing options.
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    i went to up and running in liverpool...who advised me to buy a support shoe. unfortunately they didnt have my size in the trainers i wanted...and the fact i live 20 miles away i wasnt keen on ordering and then going back so i left it.

    i found the same trainers online for ??30 less inc next day delivery
  • Thanks for the help guys. I went to Sweatshop in Chorley today who were fantastic. Measured my gait and size and brought 5 pairs of shoes out. After trying them all on I opted for a pair of Asics Gel Kayano 18. Wouldn't have dreamt of paying full price fir them, but they were half price and I got an extra £10 off with the telegraph offer. Now just waiting for my lunch to digest before the dog and I try them out on a run.

  • If they offered you kayano, then you clearly need a support shoe. I go to a running shop about once every 5 years, get my gait checked and talk with them about the type of shoe I need. I then buy a pair from them. When I need to replace them I just shop online, where you can pretty much always grab a bargain. I don't usually spend more than £50 on a pair.

    Interestingly there was a study a while back which discovered that the more runners paid for their shoes. the more likely they were to get injured! (I haven't read the study, so don't know what else they took into account).

  • some athlete (i think it was steve cram but dont quote me on that it was a while ago) said that upto about £70 the shoes do get better, beyond that you;re paying for gimmicks and branding.

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    In my experience I'd agree with the above.
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