Is it safe to run everyday or do you need a rest.

Hi since Monday I have run everyday just over 10 miles a day and was going to try to do this for the whole of January. My question is it safe to do this, and if you have done this has it improved your running or made it worse.


  • I tried the same type of thing during September and October last year and the improvements were really good unfortunately this was followed by a layoff due to injuries to both of my feet and my hip.  I'm still not back to pre-good idea form.  So in my case it wasn't worth it at all, although was fun while it lasted, more of a challenge than a thought out training plan.

  • you should be fine.

    if you feel very tired, stop.

  • I used to run every day when I was just doing it for exercise and to use up excess energy, but only about three and a half miles per day. I started taking rest days when I decided to get more serious about running and train properly, with more variation of pace and distance. So I'd say for me, improvement came with being more methodical and resting/recovering. But as the dude says above, if you feel okay and want to, why not? Sounds like it would be an end in itself though (i.e. the challenge of doing it every day) rather than a way to get loads better at running.

  • Thanks for the replies, I do want to get better and stronger and faster. I want to run half marathons and get below 1hr30, to do this I think I have to do a lot of miles. In order to do this I was planning on running about 50 to 70 miles a week . This includes 2 club nights of intervals.
  • Not convinced you need to run 70 miles a week to get 1h30 for a half; you're probably better off following a proper schedule with a rest day or two if that's your main goal.

  • Yes, it seems like a lot of miles to run a 1.30HM. As a novice vet I ran approx 30m pw for 1:28. I've been running 1 year and I think I would be injured if I did 70m pw without any rest - but we all handle the mileage differently - each to their own! Have you got a plan for the half marathon target

  • No plan, just to get the base miles in and the club nights Tuesday and Thursday . A little background on myself I'm 37 male reasonably fit. Gave up smoking in April and have been active with running and cycling since. I ran 2 half marathon practice runs last month in 1hr36 and1hr33. I feel the routine of regular exercise keeps me motivated. I just want to get has good has possible and not start smoking again . Any advice is appreciated.
  • re. mileage, I'm currently doing about what you suggest as I'm following a 55-70 mile training plan for the VLM, and it's fine and manageable (except for the challenge of finding time to do it!). But I have to say I am feeling the benefit of the rest days and short, slow recovery runs that are built into it, rather than just getting out and running 10 miles every day. And like Also-ran, I did more like 30-40 miles a week when training for a sub-1:30 half. But everyone's different and if you feel that getting out every day is what keeps you interested, then go for it.

  • Thanks guys. Apreciate the responses .
  • Sounds a lot to me. What mileage are you used to ?

    I run a lot less than 70 mpw and I'm comfortably under 1.30 for a half.

    Rest is important.

    If you're not already close to those distances then you do risk injury. Far better to rest up before you get injured than after.
  • Typical plan for a half is about 25-30 miles a week. Including a 15mile long slow run.

    Not sure what a half marathon practice run is.

    Typically you want an LSR (15 miles), Tempo (2miles warm up, 3miles at HMP, 2 miles warm down), Speedwork (intervals, 5k run, hill work). That's either 3 or 4 runs a week. Most people cross train cycling or swimming on 'rest' days.
  • An half marathon practice run is running 13.1 and timing it.
  • OK. That's as I suspected.

    My first point is that every training run should have a purpose. What is the purpose of running 13.1miles at race pace?

    Second point is that every training run should leave you with enough energy to benefit from the next run.

    Running 13.1miles at race pace (if done properly) will leave you exhausted and unable to train properly for 10-15 days afterwards.Fairly pointless doing it twice in one month. Your 15mile LSR will give you the confidence that you can run 13miles. Your Tempo run will give you confidence that you can sustain HMP for a long period. Your speed sessions will build your threshold.

    What pace are you running 10miles at? If you're running it at LSR pace then you're doing lots more miles than you need to. If you're running it quicker you run the risk or burning out after a few weeks.

    At our age we take longer to recover even if you don't feel that it does.

    Have a read of this thread: Training for the right Distance

  • +1 on what TimR says.

    Classic beginners mistake is to do a lot of runs flat out and then you get slower as you've overtrained - or even worse get injured.

    Training smartly is the way to progress.
  • Tim R has summed it up

    I took up running 2 years ago after quitting the fags.

    the first thing I did was get in as miles as I could, as fast as I could, and I wondered why I spent the majority of the first 12 months stupid.

    Last year I smashed 1:30 twice for HM's on a LOT less than 70miles PW.

    Train smart. I do believe there is such a thing as junk miles.

    Can't knock your commitment though mate!
  • Ron Hill.

  • Well that's the first 7 days done , 73 miles and I actually feel pretty good . Legs ok at this point I am going to listen to my body and if I feel good I will run and if not I will have a day off or ride the bike or go for a swim. I'm not going to religiously stick to running everyday like Ron hill, but am just doing a little experiment with myself.
  • Just remember Ron Hill was 17 years younger than you and had been running for 5 years before ramping up to that sort of mileage.

    You said you were half marathon training. What you are doing is marathon training.
  • So Lee, how you coping with the snow? I've managed 26miles in the last couple of weeks. Are you up to 250miles yet?

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