Medway Jogging groups?

I'm trying to look for a group of people who jog or run in Medway as the nearest to me is Maidstone as I dont drive it isnt handy. I'm hoping their are local people on here that will help


  • hi david

    you could try these!run-club/c1o54

    i have been looking for myself in medway 

    run most days if your intressted 

  • Hi there, I like to run in Medway

    I would be happy to meet up with others from Medway at least on a weekly basis for a run in Medway. I already have a few routes up to 8.5 km mainly off road near the North Downs.

    I have also recently launched a completely free forum for runners in Kent to discover new running partners, running routes, training tips and more. I think kent needs a website where people can go for this information. Also maybe we can get Running Team leaders from each district to setup regular runs in every district in Kent.

  • Rebel Runners ~ Medway

    A newly established group in the Medway area. Perfect for all abilities, We have just completed our second C25k program where we saw 28 graduates get through the 8 weeks training. We also have runners coming in the top 10 overall, in 20 mile races.

    A club that's truly fit for everyone. Beginners, intermediate and advanced.

    Come and take a look.


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