Do you collect anything...?

I today sold my entire vinyl record collection to a dealer..  everything went in one go and I have nothing left.   As we went through the boxes, there were dozens and dozens of albums that I had bought on ebay years ago and never even opened the packaging...

It occured to me that I had been collecting various records but had no intention of playing them - I merely wanted to own them as part of the collection...

Anyway...  its all gone now..   and it feels good... almost theraputic...



  • watches, its an expesive hobby, but a good quality time piece will hold value and increase. many can be bought as a good investment, 

    and cameras, i have a lot of cameras from 1800's bellows to modern DSLR's, leica's, box brownies, polaroids etc. more recently ive been buying up GoPro action cams too. 
    I use most of them and develop my own film. Photography has been a passion of mine  for most of my life, my grandfather was a photographer, he got me into it.

  • I have a collection of Marmite-related stuff image

  • I collect things that other people have dropped. Anything from baby booties, lost gloves, toys, keys, money. I used to photograph them when I had a 1mp camera that was tiny. Guess I should use a phone camera now and start a blog. It would be a fun thing to do.

  • I like the sound of that blog - "stuff I've found" (or maybe a better name).

    I used to collect a lot of stuff, but the only collection I still have is money! Old coins, foreign coins, old foreign coins (I've got at least one coin from a lot of the pre Euro currencies) and I've branched out into the odd note too.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    DV you have my admiration. Those vinyl collections must have caused all sorts of problems over the years.

    My favourite anecdote on this subject was a guy who rented a room. Once in place, he insisted that he needed another room to store his massive collection of records, but wait for this, didn't think he should pay for it since he wasn't using the room for sleeping in. 

    The landlord had a different view.

  • Next...   the CD collection..  it is largely a duplicate of the vinyl collection...


  • I am really into The Punisher, the marvel comic, so anything related to it, i get. I have all the graphic novels, got t-shirts, figures, mugs, etc.

  • Is it a clear out sort of thing or are you just selling up DV?

    i thought a collection would be an ongoing thing and unless its excessive (like hoarding bottles for example)

    i collect mushroom ornaments and they are all spectacular, i would hate to get rid or be told to!image

  • Jason Wintin wrote (see)

    Is it a clear out sort of thing or are you just selling up DV?


    Well.. its a bit of both...   we are moving house and its time to take a serious look at what we have and what we actually need...  the vinyl was just in boxes..  I owned it, but it was never used, loaned or played...  much of the collection never even came out of the packaging...   the CD collection is on shelves, but we just walk passed it every day.  I listen to music every day, but it's all digital now..  I have realised that I don't actually need to own this stuff anymore...   I can't remember the last time I pulled a CD off the shelf and played it.  

    It is probably a few years since I bought an actual CD...  I buy music on download now or listen to it on Spotify...   so do my kids...  I have come to realise that the actual physical product is now just clutter and it's time to get rid of it...

    The same with VHS cassettes...  they were superceded by DVD which has now been superceded by downloads...  it all just looks a mess and takes up space...

    I'm being ruthless and its all going..

    I used to spend hours searching on ebay and elsewhere for a specific album...   I dread to think how much money I wasted doing that...   I'm sure that I was addicted to building my collection...

    My sister collects ceramic thimbles and my mother collects ceramic birds and owls.  WTF is that all about...?   

    Hence,,,  I think collecting is an addiction...




  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    I have a small collection of vinyl that is stored in the same room (basement) as the deck so they do get played when I'm down there mucking about. I also have a pretty big CD collection that I only occasionally play, all neatly shelved up in alphabetic order (hmmm....)..........but it's all ripped at a lossless bps to a file server so that it can be played in the various rooms in the house that have wireless connections. I never buy downloads as they are too expensive and the sample rate is too low (usually 256bps). Also second hand cds are incredibly cheap to buy, now that everybody is selling off their unwanted collections. On amazon market place you can buy them for 1p plus ??1.26 postage....however on ebay they're stupidly expensive!
  • I collect cash, so if anyone has any that they dont want... image

  • DV its such a shame to hear that, as youve spent such a part of your life making that collection! i would of loved to be around for the vinyl era.

    im sure theyre making a comeback now though arent they? ive head DJ's like them especially!

    i dont go out my way to source my collection, i just know when i see a nice one i WILL purchase it. its not even excessive yet so one day when my living space is taken over by shiny mushrooms i suppose i will have to be brutal and let some go! (to be ohnest others are not as pretty)

  • I agree that collecting is an addiction - a mild mental illness - I suppose hoarding is a related thing.   I haven't had a record deck set up since we moved here 11 years ago yet I still have hundreds of vinyl records sat on shelves in the living room.    

    I should get rid - I kept a 1960s vespa SS180 in the garage for years after I last used it and the same with a mini cooper which I had neither the time nor the knowledge to restore - eventually when I sold them it felt good to get shot of them - yet the scooter especially had been a massive part of my youth.   

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    I am planning to start a collection of rubber ducks for the bathroom. I already have 4, out of which 3 are made of porcelain and represent a "family" of ducks. I am now on a quest to find the biggest one you can buy!
  • I collect Lego Star Wars minifgures, there are over 450 different figures and I have about 300 including quite a few Darth Vader variants!

  • I collect beer mats, I have an old shoe box and they fit there. I clear out too. Even books which I used to think would never touch, I have kindle now or library card and can loan andt hen return and it does not sit on my shelves. Vinyls stay and we have hundreds, listening to Back in Black on vinyl is an experience in itself. I am no hoarder, I feel the cuddly toys are slowly filling up the house, I clear them out on a regular basis but they always come back like Chucky the dollimage

  • it may surprise people that I do have a small collection of fat buddha figures - my forum name doesn't come from that btw (it evolved by other means) - and my 1st one came from a trip to Sri Lanka back in the '80s.  it's gradually grown but we are very choosy about them - not too big, have to have the right look, right colour etc.  I'm not an avid collector - but if I see one that looks right, I'll buy it.

    re: vinyl - like many others I have an old LP collection that goes back nearly 40 years so has some classics in there.  I did start converting it to digital with a USB based deck but it was so tedious and I gave up and have since sold that deck on.  many of the classic LPs I have either replaced with CDs or downloads.  as I have no way of playing them I guess I should get rid of them. sometime.

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