My first half marathon.

I'm after little bit of advice please.

I'm entered for my first half marathon at the end of March. In the past I've completed 10km races in usually 60 mins. So, I accept I'm not the fastest of runners and my aim for the half is just to finish! 

I've looked up training plans and they specify which days to run and for how long but do not specify a distance. I'm concerned that I'll reach the time speciifed but not the distance!  (I can currently run 7 miles at about 10 min a mile) Should I be able to run 13 miles before the event? 



  • Here's one with distances:

    Lots of people just go up to 11 miles a few weeks before; that should be far enough to let you know you can manage 13.

  • Many thanks for that. 

  • Plenty of time, doubt I could run 10 min/miles for 7 miles, 3 months before my first HM.  I remember running 12 miles in 2h,  4 weeks before (by mistake - got lost) and that was the day I gained the confidence that I could complete it.  It probably depends how quick you recover as to how far you should go in training.

  • It's worth keeping an eye on disance...  but for a first half marathon, I think that focussing on the duration of your runs is really important. Maybe tailor the plan a little by doing some specific distances in the last 4 weeks... to give you confidence.

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    I ran my first 10k in 61mins and then entered a half! I followed a plan v similar to the link above. Just feel comfortable being on your feet for at least 2 hours by the end of the plan, the crowds will get you through that last bit!  Good luck

  • Thanks for encouraging words guys x


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