Fallen Arches + IT Band syndrome

Hi There,

I was wondering if anyone has some good advise on my problem.....

I first had IT Band problems in my left knee around April 12. I starting to do some preventative exercises and stretches, took a visit to a physio who gave me a few more stretches and exercises to do and managed to rid myself of it. Then a couple of months ago (Oct 12) I started getting IT Band syndrome in my right knee.

I took a visit to a chiropractor recently, more out of curiosity. I got a good deal and thought I would see what they had to say. He checked my feet out and informed me that I had fallen arches. He then proceeded to try to sell me some orthotics produced by an American firm 'Foot Levelers' for £300. Along with some treatment, of course!

Thing is, I went along to my local running shop before this chiropractor visit and they gave me a video analysis whilst I ran bare foot and the assistant informed me that my running gait was perfect, I had a look myself at the playback and it looked pretty good.

I do not really want to shell out for orthotics if they are not required and will not make a difference.

I was wondering if anyone had ever had a similar problem?

I know we are all different and one solution will not fix a similar problem with someone else.....

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