A good marathon for a beginner?

I've become more serious about my running in the past six months or so. I've done a few organised 10km runs now and I've signed up for a half-marathon in February. I'd like to embark on a marathon, so was wondering what marathons around April time would people recommed for a first timer.

I see that Brighton still has spaces, would that be a decent one to try? Many thanks in advance!!  image


  • My first was Manchester last year. There is a good thread on this one and lots of support. I am entering the marathon of the north in Sunderland this year. I look at the route, proximity to home, reviews on this site etc good luck!

  • Colin I did Barcelona as my first marathon and it was absolutely fantastic.

    A brilliant city, big crowds, warm weather, the course was fairly flat, just a great marathon.

    You can fly there pretty cheap and accomodation is cheap as well.

    I think the race is late March this year though so dont know if it will be too early for you.

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