Good marathon for a beginner?

've become more serious about my running in the past six months or so. I've done a few organised 10km runs now and I've signed up for a half-marathon in February. I'd like to embark on a marathon, so was wondering what marathons around April time would people recommend for a first timer.

I see that Brighton still has spaces, would that be a decent one to try? Many thanks in advance!!  image



  • Colin - was that a Charity place you were thinking of at Brighton. I think the non-charity entries are closed now so some fund raising will be needed. Can't really advise on what would be classed as 'good' without some info on what you are looking for out of the day.

  • Hi Also-ran. Yeah it was a charity place I'd been looking to apply for at Brighton. I'm looking for a marathon course that isn't too hilly and one that I can realistically finish.

  • Join me in my first ever Edinburgh marathon, specially chosen because it is nice and flat! Its at the end of May as well so you get a few extra weeks to train. Their open entry is closed but they do have charity places.

  • I am doing my first marathon in April. The Sussex Marathon, but that is quite hilly. I hear Milton Keynes is very good, and particularly flat. It finishes in the MK stadium also.

  • Great Welsh Marathon in Llanelli. Flat, friendly and traffic free.

  • Hi Colin, I ran the Brighton marathon last year (my first) and would definitely recommend it to other first runners.  There are a few hills in miles 5-10ish (the highest point is right after the startline) but after the halfway mark the course is beautifully flat.  The only thing that might be a problem on the day is that the majority of the route is right on the seafront, so a windy day could make it a hard run.  Last year they had a lot of information on the website, incuding a video of the whole course.  I found that really helped as you went into it knowing exactly what to expect.  The town also has a great buzz afterwards, if you are still on your feet. image

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    I signed up to do Milton Keynes at the beginning of May. Haven't done it before but I hear it is quite flat (it was one of the things that appealed to me about it as I am relatively new to marathon running, too). There may still be some non-charity places left.
  • Still looking to run the 2013 Brighton Marathon? We still have a few places left, sign up to run for Sense!  

  • Be a Sense Runner wrote (see)

    Still looking to run the 2013 Brighton Marathon? We still have a few places left, sign up to run for Sense!  

    Would love too, but £500 sponsorship money out of my league.

  • It's not as bad as it sounds! We'd ask for £300 by mid March and the following £200 by mid May!

  • Colin- hello and god luck with everything

    marathons wise, theres loads out there - providing thier not full up - Shakespeare- Taunton, Blackpool, Bungay, ???? loads of them 


  • How about Milton Keynes on the 6th may bank holiday. That's I assume pretty darn flat and finished in the MK Dons stadium.
  • I did Milton Keynes last year and will be back this year!  Very beginner friendly - lovely and flat the whole way round and still plenty of spaces left for booking up!

  • I've done all 3 Brighton marathons and the support crowds are getting bigger every year. No 4 for me this year image
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