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Does anyone know of a current running club in Henley on Thames? If not i'd be very keen to try and set one up and know if anyone would be keen? I'm in my late 20's and am training for triathlons and various races 10k to half marathon and am really lookin for some other runners to train with. Any advice would be grateful. Thanks, lucy


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Not aware of one in Henley (happy to be corrected of course) but there is an active running club in Wargrave, which is just up the road.

    A little further away are Reading Road Runners, one of the biggest clubs in the area.

  • Thanks Muttley!

    I'm a member of reading road runners and I join them for one track session a week but am looking for people to go on medium-long runs with in the Henley area. I have tried to contact wargrave runners but have had no response. Maybe I will try again.

    I always see runners in Henley (alone or in pairs) so I'm sure there would be people out there who be keen to get a group's just finding
  • Hi Lulu, would love to ruin in Henley. Have you found anyone yet??

  • Sorry I meant 'run' rather than 'ruin'!

  • did you find an existing club in Henley Lulu? Or even go about forming one? I'm also in/from Henley so a running club would be handy

  • Yep, I'd also be up for a club forming. Shall we arrange a first run. How about this wednesday - meet in the square by Starbucks at 7pm for a 1 hour run around remenham hoods and along the river?

  • Hi. I've been on the look-out for a running club in Henley for a while as well. I'm training for the Henley half. Did you all meet up as per the last post? If so, are you guys now running regularly together?



  • Likewise - would be very keen to join/setup a running club in Henley!


  • I would also be very interested in a Henley running club - did anything ever come of this?

  • Realise this post is old but did a club get set up? I am moving to Henley in February and would love to join a local running club.

  • I don't think anything happened unfortunately.  The Thames is currently flooded so, running locally is a little restricted at the moment but, the levels should drop by February when you move here.

    If you fancy a run one weekend, let me know when you're local and we can get something arranged image

  • Hi Lundy, ditto your message - I'm wondering if anything came together?

    I live in Henley and am progressing from 5k to competing in a 10k in March, so would welcome running both for fun and for training. My plan is to run 3 times a week.

    I see that there is a group that gets together at 7pm every Tuesday - see Unfortunately I can't currently make this as clashes with other commitments.

    BTW welcome to Henley, it's a great place to live!


  • Hi Steph, are you a morning or an evening runner?  I haven't been running outdoors much lately due to injury and the weather but, as the days get longer and river levels drop, I would certainly be interested in joining others for a run now and then.

    Which 10k are you doing?

  • I moved to Henley in September and I'm probably one of those people you see running by themselves on a a Sunday. I'd be up for a run some Sunday or Saturday morning if people are keen.  I normally run about a 10 minute mile and happy to go out for as long as people want.

  • Hi Olivier

    I'd be very happy to join you for a run, although I'm not sure I'm quite at 10 minute mile pace, but good to be pushed a bit further!

    I haven't heard from Lundy, so could be just you and me... but who knows maybe we could start a trend image

    Let me know - I completely understand if you'd rather not run with someone slower


  • If the river ever recedes, I am also up for a run - I am the other side of 10 minute miles generally but, could join you guys for part of a long run at that pace?

    (By the way, can you see my 3 earlier posts in this thread?  I'm not sure others can see them)

  • Hi Stepahie.  It would be nice to meet up for a run sometime soon; I don't mind it being a bit slower.   i could meet up on a weekday evening at 7:00 if you fancy a short run?

  • Hi Olivier, that would be great.

    I'm not available until w/c 24th, but would love to run together and improve my pace.

    my email address is] if you would like to drop me a quick Hi and then we can coordinate dates. 7 works for me.

  • Hey! Did anyone manage to get anything going in Henley in the end?..

  • Hi, We are a spanish family living in Henley since August 2014. We enjoy jogging together 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes. It would be great to meet other families and share our hobby I have three daughters (11 to 13) and a boy of 14

  • Hi, I have just moved into the area and am a regular (not ver fast) runner training for London 2016. Anyone out there fancy meeting up for a weekly long run? i'm really hoping to be under 4:30 time wise to give you an idea of my marathon speed. Also.....did a running group ever actually get started? happy to receive e-mails on:] Thanks!

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