what tools to buy for new bike

Hi peeps


Just brought my first bike and was wondering what tools i woul dneed to buy?

Had a quick search but there are so many


Any suggest a set of tools from somewhere that i would need to maintain by bike




  • A decent set of Allen keys. Chain splitting tool these are usually on a decent multi tool. Then the world is your lobster. Cassette removal tool and chain whip. Decent maintenance stand. Park make the best tools and they are not cheap but they last forever
  • Surely this depends on what you plan to do with them, agree allen keys but unles you intend changing the chain or casette yourself then the rest are pointless.

    If your competant with tools go for it, if not leave it to a LBS or your pride and joy will be a pile of spares.

  • Zinn and the art of bike maintenance is the best maintenance Bible out there. Should have been first on the list.
  • Look on some of the retailer websites at the tool kits that you can buy. They have most of the stuff in them, however, buy the actual tools indovodually, but I wouldn't necessarily bother with things like the thin cone spanners.

    Allen keys will probably be the most often used thing, a bike stand definitely, decent chain cleaner, rags and a good track pump.
    Chain tool, perhaps, but a lot of chains have split links in, so maybe some circlip type pliers.

    You'll probably find, though, that the tool you need will not be amongst the tools you actually own. Get stuff you need as you need it, not because you think you might.


  • Allen keys, tyre levers and small screwdriver are probably the only necessities - grease and lube too.  If you want to change consumables like chain and cassette you'll need a chain splitter (even if you do use split links you need to shorten the new chain), chain whip and cassette tool.    Most pedals are allen key fitting now but a pedal spanner might be useful - especially if yours aren't allen key fitting - leave pedals in a few years and you may find them impossible to remove.

    At some point the bottom bracket will go so whatever tools your particular bottom bracket type requires - and perhaps a spoke tool if you want to true your wheels or replace a spoke - you are going into the territory that most people probably leave to the bike shop there though.    Fitting cables will require a good pair of cable cutters.

    I wouldn't bother with a bike stand - it's a relatively big purchase, takes up space and you don't need one really.   I've actually been building a bike up this evening and for most of it I took it out of the stand because I find it easier to build it up with it stood on the floor.  I've never owned a chain cleaner either. 


  • My fave "tool" is the Park chain cleaner. Great bit of kit.

  • i have order the 'Zinn' book so will wait till that comes and see how easy the jobs are before i buy tools.

    I already have the allens keys and simple bits as i have a hybrid which i use to commute now and again.


    Thanks everyone for all your advice

  • re: chain splitters - it's wirth investing in a decent one even if you don't use it often (I use split links as they are quicker but you still need a chain splitter to set new chains up for them).   ime, the ones on multi-tools are way too fiddly.

    and a key bit of kit when working with chains - a piece of wire to hold the chain as your are putting links back together otherwise the derailleur spring tension makes the job tougher.  a piece of old wire coat hanger does the job nicely.   

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    apparently my multi tool has a chain splitter, no idea which one it is though or how to use it. I should probably google to find out unless someone can point me to a guide?

  • http://www.parktool.com/blog/repair-help/chain-installation-derailleur-bikes

    although that might also confuse!!  

    alternatively - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93CPI9_TstA

    loads of vids on YouTube

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    Thanks fat buddha, I now know which tool is the chain splitter, will have to dig it out and see what other tools are on there I don't recognise.

    I expect there is one for getting stones out of horses hooves.image


    just fetched it from the garage and it was only the chain splitter that i didn't know about, the rest is allen keys and screwdrivers, aha tyre levers pop out the side of the casing, hadnt realised that before but one of the tyre levers has some extra bits i dont recognise, 2 square indents labelled 14g and 15g possibly for spokes? and some type of identation on the top that I dont know what it is for.

    Its a topeak tool if anyone has the same or similar

  • H0NK wrote (see)

    Thanks fat buddha, I now know which tool is the chain splitter, will have to dig it out and see what other tools are on there I don't recognise.

    I expect there is one for getting stones out of horses hooves.image

    that's the optional "boy scout" version image

  • image and the one with the bottle opener and corkscrew is the standard 'FB' version??? image

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭


    just edited my post above with a couple of other questions, should of made a new post

  • Honk - is yours like this??  http://www.topeak.com/products/Tools/hexus2

    if so, the square indents are spoke wrenches and the "indent" - does it look like the left side of the bottom tyre lever here - http://www.topeak.com/products/Tools/trk_t051   if so, it's for placing over a spoke when you have the lever under a tyre which leaves both hands free to get another lever in.  it can be tricky sometimes to keep one lever in place while using another.

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    That's the one FB, Thank you

    when i was sold it the bike shop man said it contained tyre levers but I only realised the inserts came out today so have been carrying tyre levers around as well. image

    useful thread this

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