Maternity support belts

Hi, i am 23 weeks pregnant and want to continue running as far through my pregnancy as my body will allow.  Can anyone recommend a good support belt?  At the moment i feel twinges in my lower stomach muscles for the first mile or two, but it wears off if I keep going. I have looked online at the belts and the Nexcare one seems to be the popular choice but looks scarily bulky, can it really work with Lycra running gear?!


  • I'm 6 months and my boyfriend recently bought me a top and leggings from this site for Christmas.
    I was going to get a bump band but my sister advised me against it- she said hers was a nightmare and kept moving all over the place.
    The clothes that I got from fittamamma have support built into them so I think they'll be great when my bump gets a bit bigger. Hope this helps!

  • My friend's midwife kitted her out with an enormous tubigrip...might be worth considering!

  • I agree with Run2Mum - I have the capris and a top from and they are an absolute godsend!  I think I will keep wearing them even after little one arrivesimage

  • Hello, I'm 5 months pregnant and want to continue with active life as far as my body will allow. I want to buy a good support belt, but I haven't yet decided which one to buy. I have been reading about them for some time now and I have seen that the women are amazed by them.I have looked online at the supporting belts and I have found many useful information on this link. I would like to hear your opinoin on these belts. 

  • I'm also researching support belts, although it's still early days for me at 13 weeks. Just want to continue as long as possible. Any advice to add on to the above would be gratefully received! Happy pregnancy Emma! 

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