New runner with dilemma

Hello everyone!

I've been 'stalking' this forum for the past month or 2 and I thought it was time I posted.

I am 19 and I am hoping to start running in the next week or two. I ordered running clothes (sports bra, shorts, leggings, jacket and socks) and they just arrived today so I'm excited to get started. I'm a very self conscious person and I know it's going to be hard to get myself out there and starting but I'm willing to push myself. I know I can do it. I used to run cross country back in school as well as short distance for a team on the track and I loved it so I know I can do it again.

One problem I have though is that I'm yet to buy running shoes. I'm currently looking for my first job and I'm finding it extremely difficult and so getting enough money together for a decent pair of shoes is quite hard. I was hoping to start running this coming week and start the c25k plan but I'm scared I'll injure myself if I don't get proper running shoes first. The earliest I can get money for shoes is the 15th January so I was wondering if I should wait until after I got the shoes to start or if I should slowly start out now.

I was also hoping to run a 10k race. It's the British Heart Foundation one at the tower of London and it's on the 8th May. It falls right on my birthday which I thought was a perfect way to end my teen years and all that. I'm aware that I'm cutting it quite fine here with the time as there's just over 17 weeks I think so I'm just really stuck right now.

What do you guys think the best option is for me right now? I'd like to start running as soon as possible but want to make sure I don't injure myself straight away and then I can't run anyway.


  • I would go out for a few walks first in the meantime......if you ran a lot in school and didn't develop any injuries then i think you should be fine in normal trainers for now........but you can advise would be to do some running on grass in a park just to make sure

    good luck

  • 17 weeks is plenty of time (I'm almost 40 and in a week less than that managed a touch over 2h HM, overweight and no exercise for 15 years) to get up to a half decent 10K - as long as you don't want record breaking times - it'll be a PB whatever, It depends what you want out of it.

    A lot of 10K training plans are only 8-12 weeks - that leaves 5 weeks to get a bit of an aerobic base.  This site has some even shorter schedules -

    You've youth (and an athletic background) on your side as well!  I'd imagine your current trainers will be ok for a week or two - if it hurts stop, only you can really say if they are any good or not.  You don't need a fortune for running shoes - old models are going cheap in the sales now.

    Have fun!

  • id definitely say stick to your local park on soft turf until you can afford a pair of proper running shoes kamara.

    l first set out with my reebok classics on for the first few occassions when l started running last year and everything about it was uncomfortable.

    Dont let the fact it's an additional 10 days away till you can afford them worry you that your not going to be able to train enough for a 10k (providing you have the time to run 3 or 4 times a week)

    Best of luck anyway image

  • Don't worry about the shoes. Ignoring Stiletos and Wellington boots, injury rates aren't connected to shoe choice.
    Good luck and enjoy! 

  • A week or 2 getting into the habit of walking briskly 3 or 4 times per week, with only the most minimal bursts of slow jogging, before you get the shoes should be OK, as long as your footwear is vaguely sensible- then you'll be well set to get right intothe c5k plan. Good luck.

  • ah okay thanks guys! I'll wait until I get my shoes until I start training properly image I've got my own treadmill at home so I'll probably do a bit on that just for practice and I'll do some walking outside or something as well.

    The only reason I was woried about time is because I wanted to do c25k which is 8 weeks and then do a 10k training plan after which could take anything up to another 8 weeks but I'll looking into the shorter ones too!

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