800m training !!!!?????

Hi there I need some help with the 800m training I still go to school so it is hard to train as well as I finish at 5:30PM! I don't know my time so not really sure what level I am at ?! I really need a hard training plan! ( if you know what I mean !) I would be very greatful if any on can help me Thanks


  • Do you not train with a club at all? While I have suggestions, it may be best to talk to someone who is experienced in training younger people such as yourself and will have a better idea how to start off.

    You say you still are at school - how old are you? I ask because if you are still quite young, then you will not be able to do as much training as someone who is older and more physically mature. 

    Secondly having a baseline 800 time (even just a rough estimate) is going to go a long way. Can you find an open indoor meet anywhere in your area? There are plenty at this time of year in the UK. Just throw yourself into one and see what happens. You might go off far too fast and really slow by the end - that's ok, it's all experience you can use in later races.

    The alternative is to run a time trial by yourself - run 600m on the track (almost all-out), rest 60-90 seconds then run the final 200m as fast as you can. Your time for the 600 and the 200, added together should be a good estimate of your 800 potential.

    Thirdly, it would be useful to see any other times you have for other distances - 100m, 200m, 1500m, 5k etc. It will give an idea of where your strengths are which will form the basis of what training you should do. 

  • I am 13 and thanks for your training tips I would do a club but as I said I finish school at 5:30 the nearest track is bath university! But thanks for your ideas I will post my time as soon as I can !
  • Yor pe teachers should be able to help, does your school compete at any level? My sons' school has links to local athletics clubs - that is clubs which foster track and field participation and competition rather than running clubs - and good kids will get helped early.

    So ask your head of pe for an introduction to a local athletics person and take it from there.
  • Thanks again will do we only do athletics in the summer and we sometimes compete. There is not really any local clubs as we specialise in hockey , netball and horse riding !
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