Hi all, Is there any value in using sports supplements whilst I'm marathon training? Never used them before so any advice would welcome image


  • Depends on what you mean by a sports supplement

    If you mean gels and sports drink then yes they do have their place, if you mean the powders and potions department then probably not
    Get all your vitamins and nutrients from a well balanced diet and supplement energy as you train with gels if needs be

  • I use electrolyte tablets, high 5, after a run just to try to rehydrate, also have a proteinshake after a hard run cos I'm not a big meat eater so they just help to get me enough protein.
  • It was more the powders and potions I was thinking of, M...eldy. Already use the drinks and gels.
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  • Try focusing on your diet. If you are deficient in something like magnesium, then change your diet, or if you have too, take a supplement. Be aware of the implications of oversupplementation before you take something

    I've no experience personally of supplements

  • Vit D 


  • If you are training hard and feel run down, Iron (and vit. C to help absorb it). Zinc is a good idea too; it is supposed to boost your immune system.

  • vitamin b12 will make you happy image

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    vitamin b12 will make you happy image

    Is that cos it's got Marmite in it?  image

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