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Hey All,

Looking for some like minded mums to follow my new blog, tracking my journey to my first ever marathon!

Not quite completed but I will track the challanges faced as well as my training progress, please take a look let me know what you think

Mel x


  • Just updated my page a bit made it a bit easier on the eye hopefully!!  Track my progress, I hope this could inspire so many other mums or help other people training for their first marathon by sharing feelings, emotins, training times, tips and even bring back some memories for those of you that have already done your first marathon been there done that!

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    The only people who care about your blog are you, your Mum and your mates (and they're probably lying to you just to keep you happy).

    Seriously, nobody cares about your blog.

    Instead of arriving on this forum and as your first post saying "hey everybody, come over here and look at me and my blog", why not .... (this is a bit radical, I admit) have a look round the forum, find the mums' threads (there are some) and join in? You'll be made welcome, and you'll get more out of it and will hopefully seek to contribute to this place rather than seek to undermine it (not that anybody cares about your blog, but I've said that already).

  • Thanks for the support Nick ha even this site has the odd troll who just wants people to bite. If you don't care the don't comment simples! Muttley 80page views and a recommendation on the first day I beg to differ and to be honest I don't care if only one person read it and gets inspiration from my journey!
  • if you are busy juggling training and young kids.why waste time blogging image.spend it either training or with the young kids..............

  • Kids in bed, hubby at work so I can't go out running and only got BFBS tv, if you'd ever only had BFBS you'd understand! Us forces wives have got fill our lonely time some how and what harm is it doing? Any body else got any useful advice?
  • yes ... don't come across like double glazing come on the forums saying how great you are and that people should come and read how inspirational you are........

    there are hundreds of inspirational people on these forums already have not shown any interest in interaction with any one of them..............

    there are millions of bloggers out there who could just come and fill up our forums by telling us how inspirational they are.............and then we could not find the posts of those people who genuinely want to talk about running and to get advice and to share advice......

    so don't expect a friendly reaction when you are just using the forum for your own promotion

  • Okay okay wind your neck in!! I too originally joined this forum to get advice if you even looked at my other post? I have joined a mailing list from another member who does a news letter after he offered me his advice. I genuinely thought people with a shared interest in running would be a friendly bunch. How wrong was I? Your a right feisty bunch really!

    I am not saying I am great or inspirational, I have never ever ran a marathon in my life before. I watched my husband run the Cyprus challenge at the end of last year and saw some phenomenal runners and some people still competing in the gruelling 4 day challenge at 70+, they are inspirational! I am a run of the mill runner with average times trying to run my first marathon, but that makes me proud anyway. I'm not making anyone follow my blog, and I didn't think I was doing any harm mentioning it on here, just thought it may be of interest to some people and like I said if it inspired just one other person to believe it is possible to go from having a baby and not running to a marathon then i would be really please, clearly not you though!! And like I said its not harming anyone!

    And as for clogging up your cliquy forums I apologise, however don't comment if you're not interested and it won't get bumped back to the top again! But 7 more page view since you piped up so thanksimage
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    There's a nice thread over in health and injury section, called mums running club.  Full of lots of running mums (and dad) and some of their mileage is amazing image

    Never thought Muttley to be a troll btw.

  • Thanks Cinders I'll check it out, I tried searching for a thread but struggled to find one! Will be useful to get advice and share best practice tips!
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