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Hello fellow runners,

Im hoping someone can help me with the following = I havent ran since December 2nd. I hurt my back at work the following day. I suffered in silence for a week before going to a (recomended) chiropractor. I wasted £48 being told how to sit properly. I suffered for a little longer and went to my Dr who prescribed painkillers. I suffered another week before a work colleague put me in touch with a horse chiropractor...i know,,,,bizarre. But seemingly to be able to practice on animlas you 1st have to qualify to treat people. This guy is really good. Diagnosed misaligned 4th & 5th vertabrae. Which he straightened - but as i had been walking off centre to compensate it would take several visits to sort. After my 1st visit i attempted a run - only managed 2 miles and returned home in agony. Felt like i could feel my hip joint grinding...went to work the following day..picked up a paper folder and turned to leave my office and i felt my back go again. Contacted the "horse chiropractor" who saw me straight away and realigned everything again. He told me that after he has straightened everything things need time to "set" question is....has anyone else had this problem ? how long till i can run again ? and any exersises i can do to speed up recovery. Walking my dogs is currently all i do.....thanks in advance

dud (1 rather sad runner)


  • Hi.

    Even though the Horse whisperer chiropractor is "really good" I would go straight back to your Doctor.  If I was told to take painkillers I would say no and want to know exactly what is wrong with my back (which is what happened to me)

    I'm afraid I know too many people who went to various physiotherapists and chiropractors etc who made the injury worse as the root cause was not established.
    I'm not a Dr or any kind of expert but i just find that the horse chap having to realign your back again so soon just seems a bit wrong.

    Whatever happens; good luck mate.

  • Cheers Mick,

    Appointment made for this evening - common sense really...dont know why i didnt think of it.



  • Quick update for you Mick,

    Doctor has confirmed i have an L4 herniated disc - wont be running for a while but i now have the answer i wanted...

    thanks again



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